Video: Chevy Volt Driver One Day, Tesla Model S The Next


Volt to a Model S

Volt to a Model S

In this video, Business Insider reports on what it’s like to go from driving a Chevy Volt one day to cruising around in a Tesla Model S the next.

Of course, the two plug-ins couldn’t be more different, but that’s the intriguing part.

As Business Insider asks:

“…what does an extra $60,000 get you in the Tesla Model S that you can’t get in the Chevy Volt?”

Watch the video and you’ll soon find out.

Source: Business Insider

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That was a waste of several minutes. Buy 3 volts for the price of the model S and you can carry 12 people and none of them need to ride in the trunk. I love the model S but you can’t compare these two cars. They are made to appeal to different people. And what of the top speed comparison. Can you drive any car even close to 100 mph anywhere other than the track? Both are great cars but it makes as much sense to compare a Corolla and a high end Mercedes.

First of all, never compare luxury segment with Normal segment. u can always buy 2 corrollas for the same price of Lexus is, comparing what u get for extra 60 thousand is absurd. Tesla is luxury brand period.

Second of all, never consider EV reviews from a business, or from a for-profit publication as their accuracy or objectiveness record is rather Brodery (shoddy).

“Full Disclosure: we’re not going to try to set it on fire”

My eyes rolled so hard I got whiplash. Stopped watching at this point. What a waste of bandwidth.

This perfectly illustrates the gap in the market for a car that seats five, has double the EV range of the Volt but still has a longer overall range than the Model S thanks to a Rex. It also needs to be priced close to a Volt not at the out in the sky price of the model S.
The Volt has a right pricing and a good overall range but lacks in EV range and only seats four.
The Model S has excellent EV range but still lacks in overall range and is way to expansive.
The ideal car would have good EV range and overall range would seat five and still be affordable.