Video: Chevy Spark EV and Chevy Volt Drivers Discuss Benefits of Owning EVs


Why buy either a Chevy Spark EV or a Chevy Volt?

Nation's First Chevy Spark EV Owner Talks About His Electric Spark

Nation’s First Chevy Spark EV Owner Talks About His Electric Spark

Well, both have distinct advantages.

Both plug in.

Both are fairly cheap to lease.

But the real reason you should buy a plug-in vehicle is neither for the fact that it plug ins or because its cheap.

Both the Spark EV and Chevy Volt offer a rewarding driving experience (so too do numerous other plug-in vehicles), but don’t take our word for it.

How ’bout we hear what actual Spark EV and Volt owners have to say?

Asking owners what they like/dislike about their vehicle is likely the most accurate way to gauge whether or not that plug-in is for you.

So, we have this here video with actual Spark EV and Volt owners (some young, some a bit older) telling their story.

If even the least bit interested about either of these electrified machines, then this video is right up your alley.

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13 responses to "Video: Chevy Spark EV and Chevy Volt Drivers Discuss Benefits of Owning EVs"
  1. David Murray says:

    Love how the Volt scrapes the driveway as he pulls in? That’s something I don’t like about my Volt.

    1. kdawg says:

      Pedestrian alert 🙂

    2. scottf200 says:

      Simple. Just take it off then. It was designed/made to be flexible and scrape. It is not like a bumper scraping. It was designed to flex on anything it would touch.

    3. Doug says:


      Contact you Volt Advisor. Chevy will replace it with a lower profile one at no cost. Just had it done on my Volt.


      1. Tesla Fan says:

        yes the smaller one is a huge improvement looks better too

  2. GeorgeS says:

    That was a good video. EV’s will have a much greater success rate as our younger generation moves into control. Their minds are much more flexible to new ideas than old people (like me).

  3. kdawg says:

    Looks like the Spark EV was ready for the DC quick charge plug, just didn’t have the pins in it.

  4. GeorgeS says:

    Looks like a good Keyes Chevy add.

  5. Anderlan says:

    TIL that the slab/slot electric car charger in Gattaca was the *exact* same as the EV1 introduced around the same time the movie came out!

  6. EV says:

    the spark ruins everything about this video

  7. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Not a bad car for a college kid….


  8. Ian Porter says:

    Wonder how he gets to be driving an EV1? They were all leased and those leases all were expired without exception and everyone but a couple were crushed, we all know that story. So I’m puzzled as to how he got to keep his.

  9. Pamela says:

    I’m always amazed at the nonsense comments people leave on any comment board, tho when it comes to alternative fueled cars, the comments are especially stupid