Video: Chevrolet Volt is the “Spaceship” of Automobiles


Previously, we compared the Chevy Volt to the F-22 Raptor.  In that instance, the Volt’s lines of programmer’s code far exceeded the F-22.

Spaceship Parking Only

Spaceship Parking Only

Now, we have the Chevy Volt being considered the “Spaceship” of automobiles.

“Chevrolet teamed up with MOFILM for the 2013 Cannes Lions, where filmmakers from around the world brought shorts about imagination, ingenuity, and inspiration. First place is “Spaceship” by Ben Tedesco. This short film uses imagination to take you to the moon and back.”

That’s the description that goes with the video you see here and it’s our belief that Chevy should use this clip in its advertising.  It’s creative, intriguing to watch and drives home the point that the Volt is a technological masterpiece, much like spaceships have been for decades.

New Volt Ad Gets The Message Across About As Basically As Possible

New Volt Ad Gets The Message Across About As Basically As Possible

Via its Facebook page, Chevrolet asks this:

“With its high-tech features and capabilities, driving the Volt can feel like it’s out of this world. Do you ever think of your Volt as the spaceship of the road?”

Well…do you?

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Lately we have really been enjoying using the Pandora feature in our Volt. However, I don’t want to have to be as smart as an Astronaut to operate any vehicle or have to have someone as smart as a Rocket Scientist to diagnose and make repairs on these sophisticated vehicles either. IMO great tech is user friendly i.e. Bose products and Apple for the most part. KISS


No also. I rather look at other cars around me realizing how primitive they are compared to the Volt I’m driving. Even the finest Mercedes and Audis which I otherwise admire just seem dated, like buggy whips at the end of the 19th century were.

I just wish the engine in the Volt was more advanced (3 cylinder or Atkinson and/or lean burn)

(T)ruly (E)lectric (S)paceship (L)ike (A)dventure

(V)ery (O)dd (L)ackluster (T)transport

Ok troll, what is in your garage?

I would love to see a plug in car ad make fun of the road warrior like show a EV out running a pack of those run down rusted gas burning cars in the road warrior movie ending scene.

Takes one back to childhood, all those billy carts, books on driving on electricity
future of solar power.
…..Snap it’s 2013 & with Volt I’m living my future reality.

Smile 😎

John Cusack

Ok so was that the first J1772 compatible go kart?