Video: Can This Guy Convince You to Lease the Honda Fit EV?


With the recent reduction of the Honda Fit EV lease rate from $389 to $259 and Honda moving to unlimited mileage, you’d think the Fit EV sells itself now, wouldn’t you?

Fit EV Sales Guy

Fit EV Sales Guy

Well, it does, as is seen in the temporarily “sold out” status of the Fit EV.

In fact, the Fit EV is leasing at such a rate now that even Honda had to issue an apology letter.

But maybe this over-eager sales guy isn’t aware of that.  Here he pitches the Fit EV as if nobody know what a raging deal it is.

If the lease-rate reduction and move to unlimited mileage aren’t enough to convince you to lease a Fit EV, then perhaps this guy’s pumped-up pitch will do the trick.

And if this guy can’t convince you that the Fit EV is the way to go, then most likely nobody can.  It’s the high-tech whiteboard that does us in.

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