Video: Cadillac ELR To Become World’s First Plug-In With Full LED Exterior Lighting


General Motors wants us all to know that when the 2014 Cadillac ELR arrives at dealerships “this winter,” it’ll be the world’s first electrified vehicle to feature full LED exterior lighting.

Cadillac ELR is Big on LED

Cadillac ELR is Big on LED

Why the focus on LEDs?  Well, here’s what Martin Davis, ELR exterior lead designer, says:

“LED lights last much longer and use less energy than traditional halogen bulbs used in most vehicles.  Beyond the beautiful design interpretation, using LED lights fits with the ELR’s environmentally friendly character.”

While the ELR will be the first electrified vehicle to boast full LED exterior lighting, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class actually beats it to the overall punch.  The completely redesigned S-Class features 500 LED lights and absolutely zero conventional bulbs (inside and out).

But the S Class isn’t electric, so perhaps Cadillac still retains some bragging rights.


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The ELR should have had all LED interior lights too. Not sure if it does or not (prob not).

This would be far more compelling if they could get a woman who was

1). other than a over texted high school student.

2). Had a bit of enthusiasm, or at least had read through the press release at least once before turning on the REC button.

The best headlights I’ve ever had are in the standard quartz-iodine-incandescent headlights on my 2011 Roadster. I was contacted by Tesla to see if I wanted to convert them to Xenon? Not a chance… I hate the way those blind me when oncoming drivers have them. The Tesla lights draw 240 watts.. Absolutely nothing compared to the drive motor.

That is one thing I’ll grant Tesla, they could have split hairs and put in a more efficient PM motor in their vehicles. But they don’t care about that and just put in plain old ‘asynchronous’ (the new catch phrase) induction motors in all vehicles to date. The only real change from the store bought models is they have copper rotor bars since they burned the aluminum ones out.

Actually the 2013 Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid was the first production vehicle with all external LED lighting. Mercedes was next with all external and interior lighting. GM is just creating distortion once again, as they did with calling the Volt or ELR an EV, when it’s a plug-in hybrid. They had to get beat down by the media before they admitted the gasoline engine does turn the traction wheels, just like any other plug-in hybrid. And just like any other plug-in hybrid, there is an EV mode and blended/hybrid mode.

I believe GM calls them EREVs. And when the Volt came out there were no other plug in hybrid cars.

Yes, this news has been out and about for a while.
Still good news, many like LED for low power consumption.