Video: Cadillac ELR Preview Event


Currently, the Cadillac ELR is making the rounds as part of preview event hosted by General Motors.

Guess It's Time to Buy Stock in Motorized Cupholder Doors

Guess It’s Time to Buy Stock in Motorized Cupholder Doors

This video captures the ELR at the West Hollywood Preview Event.

Here you’ll see some details of the ELR that were never before mentioned and you’ll immediately know from the footage that the ELR is no Chevy Volt.

The devil is in the details, they say.  And the ELR team took those details to a whole new level.

The video includes some words from various GM employees and even features a current Chevy Volt owner who seems in awe over how well executed the ELR is.

Check out the video to see the ELR like you’ve never seen it before.

Hat tip to the Chevy Volt Owners group on Facebook!!!

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Its a beautiful machine. I hope its available in Canada at a price i could magicaly afford.
I love my Volt but i love the styling of th ELR.
Sexy as hell.

Eric Richner

need to lose the hump inside… yes I know is the batteries, but common GM, are you in or just testing the waters?


I know its styling, but I hate cars that look like tanks with poor visibility. The tesla model S has good looks and decent visibility.
Performance as good as a volt? That is no contest with a model s.

Alan Campbell

This is a very nice luxury plug-in hatch.

It is interesting how GM chose to put the plug-in drive train in another small car, instead of sharing the slightly larger ATS Sedan body, which would have a wider Cadillac audience.

Then save the low volume hatch body for a 200 mile pure EV.

Unless the intention with this vehicle is to keep the volume low, to keep the loss per unit low, since it’s loss can’t as easily be corrected by selling EV credits in CA like Tesla must do to show a profit.


Because the ELR is built in Hamtramck and the ATS in Lansing.

George Bower

She’s “Executive Chief Engineer”

Wow how many chief engineers do they need for electrified vehicles.


She should be a mother insted


Your mother … is calling.

Bill Howland
At least she smarter than that “Head Engineer” they had explaining how the Synergy Drive works on the UTUBE vids what with Reactionary Forces and all (that made the other engineers cringe). I’m glad they put in a nice interior. Now I wish they’d come up with a much bigger Cadillac EV or PHEV. That would get rid of the hump since they’d be plenty of space to shoehorn in a battery twice as big (at least), plus get 4 adults in the back seat like you used to do with the Chrysler Imperials. I don’t even care if they take that Ubiquitous Voltec thingy (85 hp engine, 165 hp motors) and put it in a stretched limosene style vehilcle so that they don’t have to do any more engineering work (they have thousands of them, you can’t expect them to actually engineer much). I’d tolerate the sluggish performance to get a big luxury EV, that I can rarely use gasoline in to get me out of a bind when I’m on a trip. There are no L3 chargers in NY State other than a proposed one by Tesla in Albany (if they don’t change their mind). But that’s fine… Read more »

Price ?!?!?!?

Tesla Fan

probably around the price for a 60kw model s with tech package, so it would be a stupid choice to get this over a tesla unless it’ll be your only car you travel long distances frequently but im sure that wont be the case

Jeff U

They will announce the price in 2 weeks.

Tesla Fan

my smart ED has regen paddles


Where? I don’t see them.

Jeff U

Thanks Eric for posting my video!

Jeff U’Ren

Jeff U
Eric Loveday

You’re welcome Jeff. Professional level work for sure. Keep em coming

John Hansen

Each headlight is “literally a piece of jewelry”, she said. Damn, that’s some big jewelry! Must be that west coast fashion.

It’s a totally gorgeous car though. In my opinion, it is the most striking design single the original Dodge Viper.


Maybe I missed it in earlier announcements, but the big news for me was Pam Fletcher was promoted from GM global advanced propulsion systems chief engineer to ELR chief engineer. Great for her! If the ELR as a vehicle is as ingeniously-advanced, smooth, and reliable as the Voltec drive train she and her crew pioneered, it will be a hit. Whatever Elon’s team is doing in Fremont to slam together the Tesla S with conventional batteries and induction motors, I remain convinced the truly world-class EV engineering is happening in Detroit.


West Hollywood? Isn’t this more of a Palm Beach Florida or Palm Springs kind of car?


After this video, who cares if the ELR can’t match a Model S in speed. When it comes to luxury, however, the Model S lacks the many details this video highlights. The paddle-controlled variable regen IMO is a big deal – it’ll greatly increase the fun factor when driving on rolling, curvy roads, besides giving the right foot a break from dancing back and forth between go and stop pedals.

The Model S is a great car overall, but the ELR looks to be a cutting edge vehicle in its own right. Mid $70’s is my guess and worth every penny.


It is a beautiful car with world class technology. I wish they had built a car large enough to be practical. I have a Volt and love it. However, it is barely big enough for two people. The ELR has less headroom, leg room and shoulder room. Unfortunately I cannot fit in such a cramped cabin. Please take note of what Tesla has done in making a full sized family car with ample headroom.