Video: Cadillac ELR Has Pre-Oscar Party With Celebs And Global Green

FEB 27 2014 BY JAY COLE 25

The new Cadillac ELR took a leading roll in the 11th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar® Party in Hollywood, California last night at the Avalon.

Eternally Youthful Luke Perry Arrives At Oscar Party In Cadillac ELR

Eternally Youthful Luke Perry Arrives At Oscar Party In Cadillac ELR

Amongst the celebrities arriving (and posing) with the 37 mile, extended range Cadillac were:

  • Luke Perry (90210 fame): “It’s pretty great…clearly it’s the future of transportation”
  • Francis Fisher: “I’m thrilled to know that Cadillac is going into sustainable cars…”
  • Ed Begley Jr: “I’m very proud of Cadillac for having a car with a plug…if you have a solar array and a car like this with a plug – you can do nearly all your driving on electricity from the sun”
  • Michelle Branch, Matt Walsh, P.J.Byrne (Wolf of Wall Street), etc., etc. (full list below)

Moby and electronic music duo The Crystal Method also performed as headliners at the event.

The Cadillac ELR retails from a lofty $75,995, but leases from a much more reasonable (in our opinion) $699/month (with $5,999 down)

Full Global Green Press Release (below):

Cadillac Among Sponsors of “Zero Waste” Event Which Raises Awareness and Funds for Sustainable Initiatives

elr oscar party global green 1February 2014, Hollywood, CA: The Cadillac ELR was ready for its close-up at the 11th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar® Party.

Cadillac was among the sponsors of this annual event which marked the organization’s 20th Anniversary with a “zero waste” celebration – bringing together Hollywood’s elite activists and eco-conscious celebrities who enjoyed an evening of plant-based dining and an auction to raise funds and awareness of Global Green USA’s ongoing initiatives.

Celebrities & Activists Strut the Green Carpet: Top eco-celebrities from the performing arts kicked off Oscar Week with Global Green USA at the Avalon Hollywood for the organization’s 20th Anniversary celebration.

Among the notable names on the “Green Carpet” included:

Frances Fisher (Veteran Actress)
P.J. Byrne (Actor – Wolf of Wall Street)
Malin Akerman (Actress – Trophy Wife)
Joan Rivers (TV Hostess & Comedian)
Maggie Grace (Actress – Lost)
Ed Begley Jr. (Veteran Actor & Environmentalist)
Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210)
Billy Zane (Actor)
Vanessa Marano (Actress – Switched at Birth)
Eliza Coupe (Actress – Happy Endings)
Ashley Greene (Actress – The Twilight Saga)
Michelle Branch (Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist)
Matt Walsh (Actor – HBO – Veep)
Anita Kravos (Actress – The Great Beauty)
Ken Jordan (Chrystal Method)
Moby (Singer-Songwriter, Musician, DJ & Photographer)
Chris Paine (Writer & Producer: Who Killed the Electric Car & Revenge of the Electric Car)

Ultimate Luxury in the Cadillac ELR: Select celebrities arrived in “ultimate luxury” in Cadillac’s all new ELR – a sleek coupe featuring the first application of Extended Range Electric Vehicle technology by a full-line luxury automotive brand. In 2012 the Green Car Journal selected the ELR as a finalist in the Green Car Vision Awards which cites excellence in environmentally friendly technology for automobiles. EREV technology provides full driving range exceeding 300 miles.

elr oscar party global green 3About the Cadillac ELR: The 2014 Cadillac ELR luxury coupe blends dramatic design and industry-leading extended-range technology to deliver a driving experience that is sporty and environmentally friendly. It represents the first application of Extended Range Electric Vehicle technology by a full-line luxury automotive brand.
The ELR delivers on the promise of the Converj Concept on which it is based. The exterior establishes a new, progressive proportion for the brand while the interior introduces a new design theme that will define future Cadillac models, emphasizing modern elegance, technology and precisely crafted details.

Industry-leading Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) technology provides a full driving range of 340 miles (545 km), combining pure electric driving and an efficient, range-extending generator.

ELR’s confident and responsive EREV driving technology is enhanced with exclusive Regen on Demand and selectable drive modes that enhance driving and make the most of efficiency. Regen on Demand allows the driver to temporarily regenerate energy from the ELR’s momentum into electricity that can be stored in the battery pack for later use. It is engaged via steering-wheel paddles adapted from traditional performance cars.

The proven EREV technology is uniquely tuned for Cadillac in the ELR. Most daily commutes will require zero gasoline with zero emissions. Longer trips are free from electric-vehicle range anxiety because EREV technology enables the same long-distance freedom as a conventional car.

Support for Sustainable Initiatives: Among the evening’s “zero waste” activities included plant based dining, performances, and an exclusive auction to raise funds and awareness for Global Green USA’s ongoing initiatives.

Global Green USA’s signature programs include greening affordable housing, schools, neighborhoods, and cities as well as rebuilding communities — such as New Orleans and areas of New York and New Jersey — that have suffered from the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental degradation.

Global Green USA is the U.S. affiliate of Green Cross International, which was founded by President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993 to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future.

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Happy to see this, and Cadillac’s advertising throwing down a guantlet to the Europeans, with the “Poolside” ad.


Wait a minute! I thought the Volt was the future of transportation. Just two years ago it was perched on the same green carpet and the knuckle-head Prius and Bentley driving celebrities were saying the same thing about it. Is this a contest of which marketing department can pull the biggest BS?


“Amongst the celebrities arriving (and posing) with the 35 mile, extended range Cadillac were:”

Isn’t it 37 miles?

Jay Cole

No idea what you are talking about kdawg, the copy clearly says 37 miles, (=



ELR is so expensive. I would prefer Model S!
If the way to work is in range of a 100% electric car i would also prefer it. I drive a Leaf and only 3-5 days a year i change my car with my parents. For longer distance you can also rent a car.
My opinion is: why should my car carry a heavy gas engine all the year when i don’t need it in 95%…
For some people driving every week more the Volt is ok.
But when Tesla Model E comes, than i think there is a point, the EREV is not necessary any more.


The ELR is a personal coupe, not a sedan. Different market. Kind of like the 1958 Thunderbird – hey! why spend all that cash on a small two door hardtop that only seats 4 instead of a roomy 6 passenger Fairlane 500 two-door hardtop!

The ELR looks distinctive and stand-out sexy. Word has it that L.A. valets are parking it out front while sending Model S’s and Bimmers into the parking garage…. the definition of value is a big variable amongst people, and apparently the ELR is tapping into areas of perceived value which the Model S will not satisfy.

Jay Cole

Random/of interest. Here is their promo poster for the event:



this is comedy


I just kinda cringe at GM trying to sell this Caddy for $75K. If it came out before the Volt, they could have sold some. If the Tesla did not exist, they could sell a decent number.

But with the Volt available for half the price and a Tesla Model S available for the same price (for a 60KWH model) or a little more for an 85KWH model, I just can’t see how they are going to sell more than a handful of these.

Eric Cote

The answer is simply that all three are serving different consumer markets, albeit with some overlap.


Don’t worry. Buyers are not confused and will continue to overwhelmingly select the Model S. The ELR will go down as a good car that marketed / sold poorly. Leave it to GM to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


GM knows what many of us might forget, which is that what they’re doing amounts to a halo footprint, or image work. They could still fall back, point to low unit sales, and pull the plug themselves, but to me it looks like they’re paving a road to compete with the Model S.


You’re right – the ELR’s mission is to lay the foundation for what is to come. It’s there to upgrade the Cadillac image, to reset the bar at a higher point than where it has fallen. I think GM is also in the process of shifting their alternative fuel development focus away from their cheapest brand (Chevy) up to their most expensive brand which makes sense from a bottom line POV and gives them more flexibility to pack in quality to the design.

Give thanks to Tesla for teaching GM the lesson that new markets start out as niche markets, and are best approached from the top on down.


Good to see any PHEV getting good press coverage. But yeah… if I had the money to get an ELR, I would spend a bit more to get a Model S.

Bill Howland
An ELR is a ‘lofty’ $75K, but a maxed out model S at $130k isn’t? Plus, the first 1000 ELR’s get a professionally installed EVSE (up to 32 amps), gratis, as long as EVSE and installation come in at $3000 or less. Plus, by choosing a more economical EVSE, almost all buyers can finagle the price to under $3000 by choosing a $500 EVSE instead of the $980 one Caddy will usually supply. S owners are encouraged to call Solar City for more $$$ (most of them, something like 80% have already paid the extra $2700 for the garage evse, but that doesn’t include installation), since 120 volt charging until recently (too many parasitic losses) hasn’t been practical with the S. Of course if you’re over at a friend’s house and still don’t want to use any gasoline, the 1.4 kw travel charger is ALSO included, and plugs into ubiquitous outlets, so no ‘installation’ charge is needed for that either. Now the price of my Roadster at $109,000 plus $750 for an adapter cord, could be considered lofty. (And I’ve got a cheap one, as Roadsters go). But GM could rightly claim a foul ball is being pitched at them.… Read more »

I think you’ll find that the market itself will disagree with your valuation of those different cars.


An ELR can hardly be compared to a Model S Performance 85+. At a basic level, the performance and interior room is dramatically different. After all, the ELR is a dressed up Chevy Cruze designed as a 2+2 coupe while the Model S interior dimensions model many luxury 5 seat sedans.

As for the EVSE, Tesla does supply the UMC which means the garage only needs a NEMA 14-50, 14-30, or 10-30 outlet for 220v charging. Therefore for 10 kW AC charging off a NEMA 14-50 outlet, no additional EVSE costs are required. The $2700 price you are referring to includes the cost of both Tesla’s 80A AC EVSE and a dual charger upgrade to 20 kW AC charging rate. Tesla does sell the EVSE (called the High Powered Wall Connector or HPWC) for $1200 as a standalone item. Considering that one can expect to pay over $2,000 for 80A 1772 EVSE’s, its a very good deal.

Bill Howland

If Tesla’s website is to be believed, they’ve bundled the EVSE and the second charger together. But the website is not as clear as it once was. The ELR website seems to ‘copy’ the S website and its equally confusing, admittedly.

We’ll see..

Bill Howland
Actually, Scott200 did a comparison (or at least copied someone else’s comparison) here on Inside Evs. They are somewhat not comparable vehicles as you say, but in Scott’s estimation an equivalent Model S would be at least $86,000 to match trim levels, which the Caddy far exceeds the S at any price. Of course, performance is better in the S, but the fact that we are talking LUXURY here, is the ELR’s forte. Personally, I may end up purchasing an S, not because I’m that enamored with it, but mainly since it is kinda what I want, and there is really no equivalent alternative fueled vehicle. If there was any real competition for the S, I feel Tesla may be surprised. We each have our preferences, but the prestigious “GreenCities” group, seems to dislike anything remotely electric, but they go GAGA over anything LNG, CNG , or Propane. I would assume they are going to smather the 2015 Impala CNG with Love and Kisses. Since the 2 cars are similiar (Consumer’s Union also liked the 2014 Impala), this will probably be a stealth competitor for the Model S, especially if that elusive cheap, reliable home-refueler comes to pass. The Impala… Read more »
Bill Howland

Don’t know why I do it, but in ALL my posts I type then when I mean than.

Bill Howland

ugh, CleanCities not GreenCities.


“…The Impala would be a no brainer for me, but I insist on home refueling of any vehicle I’m buying from now on. Plus a loaded Impala CNG will be cheap and reliable….”

Is it too hard to believe Chevy might drop the hybrid from the 3-drivetrain strategy, and go EREV / 2.Xltr ICE / 3.Xltr ICE? With at least the AER of the Volt, Tesla might be surprised how many would opt to save $20-50,000, from an optioned 60kwh. With Nissan exploring 150 miles of range, @~5,000 extra, the headroom Chevy has is all about their “Will”, not “Technology”. I wonder, though, if plugging-in is still a nascent concept, and simultaneously doubt GM would offer a 4th drivetrane in so staple an automobile.

Bill Howland

No need to wonder, the Impala 2015 CNG is a done deal. What is up in the air are Home Refuelers that are reliable for a decent price. Unlike EVSE’s these products actually accomplish a useful function.

Hmmm….you can always smell a something fishy when commenters make completely senseless comparisons – ELR is a EREV Coupe focused on design and luxury and the Model S is a performance all electric sedan focused on technology. So no s#!+ there is no comparison in room or performance because they are different cars! Both cars are very good – I’ve driven both. Model S has great acceleration and they have taken a lot of technology risks…some are cool some I’m not a fan of – not a fan of the 17 inch screen…also interior feels cheap for a “luxury car”. I like Cadillac’s execution of the ELR feels more of a luxury car to me and inspite of what most folks are saying is a lot less expensive than the comparable Model S….yes leather seats are optional on a $70k car! I remember a time when EV drivers were more concerned with getting people to consider EVs not completely trash talk another product based on hearsay and what they’ve read online or interpreted from corporate press releases. I’m so utterly disgusted with Model S defenders that I absolutely don’t want to be associated with the car and have decided to… Read more »
Bill Howland

One Other intangible the Luxury EV buyer might consider is Cadillac’s far superior dealer network. You don’t have to pay a ranger fee to get the car serviced under warranty, for instance.