Video: Burnout Challenge – Tesla Model S P85 Versus 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400


Because it’s Friday, we present you with this video of a “burnout competition” between a Tesla Model S p85 and a 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible.

Smoke 'Em

Smoke ‘Em

As the video uploader states:

“Disabling traction control on the Tesla only allows you to get to a certain level of crazy. In order to completely back down the safety systems, you must pull a fuse. The car has so much raw power, however, that it immediately becomes far too much to handle for the space that I was in. These are tiny yet fun burnouts. (FYI – I had an appointment to have the tires replaced within the hour, so I figured I would vaporize a bit of rubber beforehand!).”

Which vehicle won the competition?  Check out the video so that you can be the judge of that.

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There was a story that back in the 1960’s a car like this would have to drink down a gallon of gas to get nine miles a gallon and at the same time would have to have a quart of oil added to it every time you would have to stop at the gas station. But now a modern Corvette can get 30 miles a gallon and have the same or even more horse power then the gas guzzling 1960’s car. The Tesla Model S meanwhile to me is right now the state of the art in electric cars and can beak all of the gas cars expect for the long range ones.

Could you name a ‘long range gas car’ that the Tesla can’t ‘break’? (By ‘break’, I’m assuming you refer to gas mileage?) If you think there is a gas car made that gets better mileage than my Chevy Spark EV, then you’re not understanding the EV concept. I pay nothing for fuel, and never will again, if I choose. We have a solar electric charging system plus, most of our charging is done away from the house for free. Twice per week we charge it from depleted (less than 30 miles available) to full. At home if we paid Edison for the electricity, using the EV rate plan (9cents/kwh) it would cost less than $1.50. Our solar is being tested now, the target being 50% of our electric use, charging the car at home or not. We will add panels according to the bills, to avoid paying the 23 cent/kwh and higher, rates.

In 1970, we only worried about gallons per day. My 454 Vette could go about 2 days and then fill up again with 110 Sunoco.

This 300mi range thing for EVs to be viable is bogus.

Maybe, but until you’ve baby sat an EV at a level 2 charger, I’m not sure fully appreciate the finer points of EV charging.

Why would you post some sissy burnouts of both cars? Go big or don’t bother…it’s terrible for street cred. Ken Block is probably laughing his ass off at this. “I’m not doing that without a bigger parking lot.” lol, How much more real estate do you need? Elon, please give Ken Block or Tanner Faust a P85 so we can see what these things are really capable of!