Video: BMW to Officially Unveil Production i3 Electric on July 29




The long-awaited arrival of the production version of the BMW i3 electric vehicle is now nearly upon.

BMW i3 Teaser

BMW i3 Teaser

On July 29, BMW will unveil the i3 to the world.

Though we’ve seen prototypes stripped of nearly all of the camo, the world has yet to see the real deal.

That’ll all change later this month when BMW reveals the i3.

Vorfreude = Joyful anticipation.

The i3 will go on sale in Europe first (launch date tentatively set for November 16) before heading to the US.

As for pricing, expect a base MSRP of approximately $45,000, with the range-extender option adding $4,000 to that price tag.

Hat tip to Tom M!

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Upside down apostrophes in the title “IT’S TIME” bug me. Nearly 25 years of graphic design does that to a person.

That being said, I’m glad this car is coming sooner than later. Choice is good, even if it’s not your ideal car.

Hmm i watched the video w/the sound turned off (i’m at work), and I thought the link was messed up because I was watching a GAP ad. At the end I saw some mention of a car.

I think the Chevy Volt dancers have new competition.

Yes, it seems BMW is taking an unusual approach to “marketing” the i3.

I am sure BMW has done their marketing research. But once again, I don’t understand why rich, hipsters think they need a four passenger car.

A two seater, made from aluminum, and steel, with the same performance, could be built for much less.

A four passenger car and not a full back seat allowing five. That is the same mistake as the Volt that automatically excludes all families with 3 kids, not really a rarity, or is it?

Certainly kept us from choosing the Volt. Instead we bought a gas-guzzling Prius. We’ll soon will pick up a LEAF to complement it.
If you really want to know…
There are 120 million households in America.
40 million of them have an average household size of 1.24.
The other 80 million of them are considered to be “family households.” (See tab AVG1.)
Of the 80 million family households,
37 million have 2 people (total, including adults and children)
18 million have 3 people
15 million have 4 people
10.5 million have 5 people or more.
So if I do my math right, it seems that 9 percent of households in America have 5 people or more.
And if your household falls into that 9 percent, then I can see why the 4-seat car doesn’t work for you.

P.S. The latter stats are from tab F1.

Good data, Gary. But you do have to remember that for the better part of the 80s and 90s families of 4 were convinced they “needed” a 7 person minivan.
I laugh when I hear that “Americans are smart consumers”.

A family is more than simply the number of people. Space for the family dog, carpooling the kids to soccer or whatever, traveling out of town…all these create space anxiety that is just as real as range anxiety.

How many EV’s will we have to build to stop climate change on a planet with 9 billion people? 🙂

I hate ads that tell me __NOTHING__ about the product: Range? L3 Support? Battery Capacity / Chemistry / Warranty? I sooooo do not care about contrived social desire for something, when I make a purchasing decision. Fire that Ad Agency.

But at least I know more about what BMW thinks prospective owners of the i3 will be doing with their hairstyles and clothing. 😛

I always find these kind of ads painful, but I do look forward to the i3!

Still wondering why these i3’s are driving around with camouflage, and there is a unveiling when they have already been at the car shows and in all these videos. Is the production model going to be that different?