Video: BMW to Battle Tesla for EV Supremacy


With BMW now entering the plug-in vehicle scene, several reports have surfaced suggesting that the German automaker may well be the only one capable of challenging Tesla in the high-end EV segment.

BMW i8 to Challenge Tesla Model S?

BMW i8 to Challenge Tesla Model S?

While Tesla argues that the Model S is not a luxury vehicle, the media seems to disagree. The Model S is constantly lumped in with other luxo-barges in various comparison tests and has even been compared to the BMW i8, itself not a true luxury vehicle either.

Regardless, it seems a battle may be brewing between Tesla and BMW, at least according to Bloomberg’s Jason Harper and Cory Johnson who discuss the high-end plug-in vehicle segment on this episode of Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.”

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What a joke. There is no battle.
The S wins hands down in performance and price.
Next article.

Perhaps you missed the future tense of the article, George.

In electrical performance only. . I’m quite sure the light weight BMW would run away from the Tesla after a few laps on a road course though. The Tesla is very quick off the line… but not that quick from. 60mph+. My modded 335i was trapping 130mph in the qtr, 3.1 sec 0-60mph…a Tesla can barely manage 110mph. 20mph in the qtr is around 200hp! I’m not sure how you would mod a Tesla to run those numbers. Bigger battery capacity? Would weigh even more!

Read about what Tesla is doing in the Model X to simulate a second gear. That could very well be what will allow Tesla to achieve Audubon speeds.


AWD will likely bring the Model S 0 – 60 time down into the mid-3s. Look for it to be offered either just before or just after the Model X launch.

If they can get the battery to be lighter and more powerful, then electric cars will be formidable. Its tough when a 600+ lb LEAF battery holds less energy than 5lbs of gasoline.

BMW may have to try harder to start to actually worry Tesla, the company claiming it wants more competition anyway to increase the visibility of electric cars and make Public Chargers more pallatable to the general public since their’d be less opposition to them if they’re actually being used… The I3 is a start. But with I8 prices being in the $150,000 range, that doesn’t exactly impress me as being “mass market”. I know that currently, I couldn’t afford one.

Not to mention, the i8 can only drive about 20 miles on electricity. Hardly the vanguard for a clean, electric, sustainable future.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

An i5 with 85-100kWh and 100-150kW motors at each wheel, and costing $85-125k would worry Tesla. How close are BMW to that?

That will be ready in….. in…… hmm…….

BMW had better sell every i3 it can, before the Gen 3 Tesla hits the roads, because then it will be Game Over.

BMW needs to make an EV before it can compete with Tesla. The i3 is a serial hybrid and the i8 is a parallel hybrid. Where is BMW’s EV? The i3 without the range extender? Does that count since that car was designed as a serial hybrid, not an EV?

I guess the i3 sans range extender would have to count as a pure EV, albeit one with an 80-90 mile range for over $40,000.

What was the question again? 🙂

Ignoring styling entirely, it works out about right – half the e-mileage for half the cost.
Still concerned about the drop in acceleration due to weight in the i3.. (.7 second slower with rex).