Video: BMW Reveals i3


On Monday, the world will see the $41,350 BMW i3 for the first “official” time.

BMW i3

BMW i3

But ahead of that reveal, this BMW film on the i3 has been made available and/or slipped out.

Maybe BMW is just trying to “build the hype” here, but we’d basically say that this is the i3 reveal we’ve all been waiting for.

The “official” reveal will occur on Monday June 29 at three locations simultaneously: New York, London and Beijing.

For the two-door i3 fans out there, we thought we’d share some i3 Concept Coupe with you, too.

Special thanks to Scott L for unearthing the vid

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The BMW i3 Coupe concept video is probably one of my personal favs for production quality. Makes me want the coupe more than the 4-door

It was pretty good once I hit mute.

I hope they come out with a four door version. I like the ease of getting stuff in and out of the passenger doors. Please BMW send us a four door version. 🙂

Oh man, I think that’s the ugliest BWM I’ve ever seen. Can’t someone just make a regular electric sedan? I can’t believe it’s 2013 and you still can’t buy a regular looking electric sedan for under $60K. I guess I have to wait for the Tesla Bluestar.

First world problems, gotta love them 🙂

You should have bought a Coda when you had the chance. Would have been perfect for you. 🙂

Yeah, maybe all the major auto makers are like “Noooo, we can’t build a sedan, look what happened to Coda when they tried that!”

Thanks again Coda for ruining it for everyone 😉

Well, assuming it doesn’t have to be 100% electric, there is the Ford Fusion Energi. I think that is about as close as you can get right now to a nice looking electric sedan.

I didn’t hear anyone say anything about price range. There should be no argument that Model S “nice looking electric sedan.”

See my original post (I said under $60K). I’d love to have a Model S in my driveway but its just not going to happen.

See: Ford Focus Electric.

All right. It doesn’t have a trunk, so it’s not a “sedan”. Sorry.

But as to the BMW, who took the chunk out of the rear passenger windows? That look awful. It ruins what was left of any design line flow.

it looks less and less ugly with every day prior to release 🙂

The Ford Focus Electric and the Fiat 500e are nearly identical to their ICE counterparts. Most of the plug-in hybrids (Honda Accord, already mentioned Fusion Energi) are identical to their ICE brethren).

> The “official” reveal will occur on Monday June 29 at three locations simultaneously: New York, London and Beijing”

So you are saying the official reveal happened almost a month ago? 🙂

The Coupe Concept has no CCS plug, just pure type 2. CCS wouldn’t even fit into that small opening.

I’d take one, in spite of its looks. I wish BMW would have toned down those trademark pit bull nostrils on the front end. No hint of Rex capability in the video…. I wonder how they are going to promote it. Or not.

why does it look so odd