Video: BMW Shows Off i8 Laser Lights

DEC 29 2013 BY STAFF 5

The BMW i8 will light the road with lasers.

Laser Lights Shine Seemingly Forever Into the Distance

Laser Lights Shine Seemingly Forever Into the Distance

BMW’s laser light technology will first appear optionally on the i8.

As BMW explains, the optional laser light highbeam setup extends vision down the road significantly, perhaps doubling light output if you were to guess from the images shown.

The i8’s laser light technology is trick, but there’s likely little use for it in the real world, unless you happen to be on a dark desolate road where blinding oncoming drivers is not a concern.

Anyways, laser light technology will be available on the i8 starting in 2014, but don’t expect to see the option available in the US due to it not complying with our regulations.

Check out the video to discover how laser light technology will light the roads in front of the upcoming i8.


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Seems like it would be counterproductive to use in foggy conditions…

So Dr. Evil will be ordering this shark?

Ah hell, and here I was all set to suggest renaming the i8 the Shark, or maybe the Tiburon. Great minds thinking alike, I guess!

All cars are going to be going to laser, which by the way is a LED laser. Its more efficient and brighter than normal LEDs for headlamp applications, because the power can be directed forward.

Leds are a natural match for vehicle applications, because of long life and the cost to replace the bulbs, which is far greater than household bulbs. In addition, it lowers the power requirements for EVs.

Minor problem is that there is nothing laser in it. BMW is lying.