Video: BMW Pitches Brilliance Zinoro 1E EV in China-Specific Commercial


BMW Brilliance, the Chinese joint venture between Brilliance China Automotive and BMW, unveiled the electric Zinoro 1E (aka the electric BMW x1 that won’t be available in the US).

Zinoro 1e

Zinoro 1e

Now, there’s this commercial featuring the Zinoro 1E.

It would seem that BMW Brilliance actually intend to market this EV, unlike most of the other electric offerings in China, which never get airtime.

Does this mean that BMW Brilliance expects to sell the Zinoro 1E in volume?  Perhaps…

But it won’t be sold in the US and that’s fine by us.

The Zinoro 1E puts out 125 kW (170 hp) and 184 lb-ft of torque, both of which are respectable figures, but the vehicle’s lithium iron phosphate battery is way outdated.  Reported range is 93 miles, but in the real world that’s more like 50 to 60 miles.  The 1E features not one, but three separate battery packs squeezed in wherever room is found.  As electric vehicles go, the 1E is a hot mess.

Perhaps that’s why BMW Brilliance isn’t willing to sell the EV.  It’s available only via lease starting in early 2014 and only in Beijing and Shanghai.

So, what’s this commercial doing out there then if BMW Brilliance aren’t even trying to sell the Zinoro 1E?  Any guesses?

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I thought it was extremely crowded over there. Why are the streets so deserted? I guess it wouldn’t be a good commercial if the guy was stuck in gridlock for 5 hours.

The streets are so deserted because they probably filmed in one of the 25 ghost cities they build over there each year. Yes, they build about 25 cities – condos, malls and all – each year where NO ONE lives. But everything is sold. It’s a bubble, but they don’t seem to realize it.

Incredible photoshop work to create the illusion of smog free Chinese skies…


“lithium iron phosphate battery is way outdated” I wouldn’t be that fast. It has better specs than any NiMH-battery, which are used today in many if not most hybrids. In cycle life and safety it is much better than other LiIons and packs don’t need that much careful handling/complicated packing (like liquid cooling).
Wh/kg is not that great (about 90Wh/kg with BMS and electrics), but BYD E6 proves that 180 miles of range are possible with this chemistry. I would say it’s the right battery for low tec but functional and long lasting cars and conversions. Seems to be ideal for china.

Lease only usually means build for compliance or research purposes at a cost way higher than the traffic will bear.

The range is fine if it has a Rex. Does it?