Video: BMW M5 Owner Buys Tesla Model S – Chooses to Now Get Rid of M5


In this video you’ll see a Tesla Model S / BMW M5 owner do a rather humorous “cold start” comparison between the electric sedan and the gas-gulping M5.

We’ll admit that’s a bit funny.

But what caught our attention is a comment made by the Model S owner:

“I’m getting rid of the M5 now that I have the Tesla.”

A BMW M5 is an amazing piece of automotive machinery.  To replace one with a Tesla Model S speaks volumes for the performance of the electric Tesla.

We’d be willing to bet that BMW never thought the day would come when an M5 owner would ditch it in favor of something electric.

That day has come.

Tesla Model S Next to BMW M5

Tesla Model S Next to BMW M5

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..and the rollie pollie “M” hits the used market.

Well done

Would like to see more people switching to electric transportation, not just BMW owners.

Tesla is already selling more cars than the premium gas guzzling models of various luxury brands. I expect that trend to continue in 2014. It’s hard to go back to gas after driving electric for a while. We have a Leaf and an Escape Hybrid in the household and we can’t wait for an increased range Leaf and the Model X to replace the two.

The m5 looks better, because it is matt black.

Other than that…

Well the M5 will kill the Tesla in any kind of a roll on contest. Not to mention with a simple tune, Low 11 second qtr mile with 127mph trap speeds, and 625HP at the wheels.

So yes around town, the Tesla is competitive, but not on a roll on, or at highway speeds. I drove the P85 and posted a youtube video of 0-70mph. Once moving, my BMW would leave the Tesla like it was standing still. So if you want true sports car acceleration, 127mph is up there, and with traction, power to run in the 10’s. FYI..for the Tesla to gain 20mph in trap speed would take over 200HP more.

“Well the M5 will kill the Tesla in any kind of a roll on contest. ”

Really? For _any_ roll on contest?

I do not know everything about the M5, but this was Tesla vs Aston Martin, and if it turns out the BMW wins a similar contest, the Tesla will be competitive

To put things into perspective.. That brand new tune only M5 did 0-127 mph in 11.5 seconds…. The time it takes for a Tesla S to do that would simply be pathetic in comparison… Just look it up. No comparison. The M5 is simply traction limited 0-60..but still did 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.. Again.. That would kill the Tesla anyways. My 112mph traps.. 3.9 sec 0-60 times in my molded 335d beats the Tesla even. Don’t get me wrong.. If the guy is getting rid of the M5 for something quiet, smooth and efficient, that’s great, but don’t full yourself into thinking the Tesla can compete with the M5 at the track. The M5 in reality puts out around 600 he at the crank stock.. And runs 11 Second qtr miles and is about 500 lbs lighter than the Tesla. And the interior and luxury features of an M5 are in a whole different league than the spartan Tesla S.

Thank you for that perspective.

Well, for the 5 people in the world that race on tracks, buy the M5…no normal person is ever in a position to use those capabilities, so it’s all in their head: “well, that’s what it CAN do, so it’s better than yours!”

Unless you drive certain stretches of the Autobahn, or live in places like Montana or Arizona where there are stretches of interstates with no daytime speed limit, performance cars are a waste.

EVs are best because of the max torque off the line – the Model S is awesome under normal conditions because the torque is there…no shifting time, no turbo lag…the average person who drives to work every day is going to be blown away by a Tesla and not so much by an M5 in comparison.

That’s the distinction. Although some of us were not aware of the M5’s full capabilities, those capabilities will not be realized by most driviers.

Quite a few people who bought the Roadster, and many people who buy the Model S, use them as their daily driver because they are that much fun to drive. And, considering the economics and environmental considerations, using them as daily drivers is saving quite a bit of money and resources.

and 127 mph is such a usual speed to travel at too…

Even here in Germany, where I currently work, when 90 mph is considered adequate and 100 mph is an acceptable cruising spped, there are few situations where anyone can sustain much more, certainly not 120.

So, for off-track situations, the m5 has zero advantages and so many dirty, smelly, unhealthy and economic disadvantages.

I still use gas, but as little as possible; my main mode of transport is my racing bike.
I can not wait for the model E.

ELROY – You just keep on empowering OPEC members and buying them gold-plated Lamborghinis. Go ELROY – keep on keepin’ on fracking the groundwater
with toxic chemicals to gain that last sip of oil. Good job, ELROY , you go on and never mind anybody else – just switch off the TV every time the Gulf of Mexico fills up with greasy oil, and all those aquatic foodstuffs just contaminate away.

You go ELROY – I think you can beat a car on roll on, and that’s worth it, right?
Meanwhile, the Model S often runs on sunshine – or clean hydro power, like up
here in Washington. Just get your VROOM VROOM on every time you pay for
tune-ups, oil changes, filter changes, valve adjustments, emissions checks,
catalytic converters, mufflers, lead-acid batteries…and, and, and…

It can be said the much sexier-looking Model S is so much more innovative and
futuristic than that caveman, 19th century-tech, explode-and-bang M5 that it isn’t
even funny.

Nope, just clarifying mis-information. Fact is, I go out of my way to drive my LEAF on 100-200 miles trips, even with disruptive charging stops, because I feel like its a fun adventure. My gas sports cars, rarely get driven, Maybe 60 miles in a month. I have to keep the battery charged to keep it from going bad. I promote my electric driving lifestyle to many many people. I like to have fun, hence I have my youtube videos of the LEAF during acceleration runs, etc. I have tested the P85 on youtube too. But with my past experience in setting some of racing record times in street BMWs, I am experienced enough to know what the Testa is and isn’t capable of.

Sorry Elroy.
I interpreted your words as principally anti-ev.

Ah, I see – my previous posting was preaching to the choir then…

We get trolls from time to time, so some of us get a bit testy…

Lol no. no car looks better than the model s

It seems that Musk’s plan is working: “to accelerate from petrol to electricity for transportation”
He have said that regulation or competition is the only way to get old carmakers to change to electric cars.
And to compete to cars like BMW M5 who is cars that the car-manufacturer earns a lot of money on, that will force them to do a better electric car than tesla or don’t sell any expensive high margin car at all. Now BMW is trying to compete with the i8 where they can have the normal service and aftermarket business because they have only added more complexity to the car as hybrid.
Anybody think they are going to be successful with that?

Here somebody is leaving his M5 for a Tesla. In addition many people are passing over the traditional luxury brands to buy a Tesla. This is a very disruptive product.

And think how much more disruptive it will be in China, where it is priced below the traditional luxury brands. It will be like Norway, but on a bigger scale.

We are living in exciting times.

He’s being sarcastic, right?

Must be… how could anyone ever miss that noise.

There are people that appreciate it. I know I do, though my Mariner hybrid (which doesn’t count for what you’re talking about) will be the last ICE vehicle I’ll ever own.

I do appreciate the sound of a well-tuned V8 or even V6, but I’ll never own one thanks to Tesla.

“We’d be willing to bet that BMW never thought the day would come when an M5 owner would ditch it in favor of something electric.”

If they thought that, why would they introduce the i8? I think BMW very much saw that electric vehicles might encroach on sales of their high-end performance cars. And considering how long the i8 has to have been in design and development, they saw it several years ago.

Hardly on the same plan as this buyer, but I did sell my E39 M5 and move to a Volt 18 months ago…

At the same time a friend of mine moved to a Cadillac CTS-V from his E39 M5…and is now moving to a Focus Electric. The times they are a-changin’…

My young cousin bought a CTS-V wagon – that thing is unbelievable – but I have not test-driven a Tesla (or any EV for that matter). I refuse, because I already want it pretty badly – if I actually test-drive the thing, then I might do something I’ll regret when I look at my next bank statement…

I’ll probably end up buying a used Model S (in case there is anyone who does not renew their “lease” or complete the purchase) or, more likely, the Model E.

Cold start!?!?! The guy’s wearing shorts! He should try a sub-freezing start on the M5.

Is he implying that is pollution coming out of the tailpipe? Because what you can actually SEE is just water vapor from what’s condensed during the night (unless his valves are worn and it’s burning off oil that leaked into the cylinders while sitting there).

Not saying there isn’t CO2 coming out there, but it’s not a visual thing.

But to further his point, this weekend we got the 240 V charger installed and my wife was able to take the Leaf to the gym at 4:30 am (usually it was still trickle charging at that time), and for
the first time ever I didn’t even hear her leave…..

Kosh, I think he means that he will miss the sound.
I happen to completely diagree, I love the silence.

The thing I love about my Volt is the silence…and the thing I like the least is the engine noise.

that m5 sounds weaker than my mums 4 banger suv

Elroy, what car do you drive?

What cars have you driven?