Video: BMW i8 – The Ultimate Driving Machine With a Plug


“It’s not a limited edition. It’s not a concept car. It’s the first-ever BMW i8.”

It’s a plug-in hybrid that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

BMW i8 - Expect

BMW i8 – Expect

“When we said we were going to re-invent the automobile, what did you expect?”

BMW makes only one thing: The Ultimate Driving Machine.

The BMW i8 is still The Ultimate Driving Machine, but it comes with a plug.


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It has a Gas engine, absolute fault!!! Will be a flop…

“It’s not a limited edition, it’s not a concept car…It’s a $185,000 two seater
we made as a proof of concept and they’re all sold out already. Sorry.”

Did BMW really put out this garbage on air?!

You could re-do this ad and just substitute the VW XL-1.

“It’s not a limited edition, it’s not a concept car – nobody knows why the hell we built
a few and sold them to the general public besides saying, we can!”

These BMW i8 ads running during the Winter Olympics make me ill.

Same as those Lexus ads a couple years prior showcasing the Lexus supercar
of which they sold a dozen or so in the USA as a halo to what they’re all about.

I counted at least two new BMW CUVs on sale in the USA for 2014. THAT, my
friends is what BMW is all about.

This is why no manufacturer who relies on gas-burners for survival can make
a decent EV/PHEV advertisement. If they truly told the benefits of buying their
EV, nobody would look at their big sellers the same again. Who, but Tesla
could tell prospective buyers the real benefits of buying an EV? No hundreds
of greasy parts to go wrong – no emissions checks, no numerous trips
to the dealer for service…. Smoother, healthier, quieter, saner and on and on?

They can’t cut off their toes to spite their foot. It’s why the very lame, very
curiously bad Volt ads.

Even Nissan – God bless ’em, is in the same pinch. Their latest LEAF TV spots
concentrate more on smartphone apps to pre heat the car than what it truly
provides the customer vs. a similarly-priced ICE in their showroom.

Really should lay off of the BMW remarks. They should be applauded for all the research and engineering they are doing now. Its pretty obvious they are invested for the long haul, and not just compliance cars. Furthermore, there is more engineering technology in the i8 compared to the Tesla, interior/exterior, etc, Hands down. Just as you might want to criticize the 918 for not being 100% EV. If it were, it wouldn’t have come close to setting the Nurburgring lap record. Its quite obvious the Porsche or BMW would have been quite capable of making a simply designed car such as the Tesla S, but they decided not to. Call it over engineering or whatever you want, but you shouldn’t criticize them for the engineering achievements based on what your personal opinion is of how their cars should have turned out.

Elroy – Why do you compare a car whose CEO’s stated goal is to get the world off cars that use fossil fuels with extremely small production uber supercars that cost millions in the case of 918 or McClaren P1, or BMW’s extremely low production 2 seat playtoy, the i8? Do you see the difference? You do, don’t you? BMW is a big big boy, and can stick up for itself…lol, you sound as if they are injured by my remarks. BMW fans are surely not going to like what I say but it is America, where we can voice our opinions. State one thing I said that isn’t absolutely true. BMW got into the CUV, SUV business bigtime, as are Mercedes, VW-Audi, Lexus and others. It’s where the cash is, man! It has nothing about sustainability or changing the world – making it a safer, cleaner place where the air is easier to breathe. For them, it’s all about the easiest route to profits, baby. This is an ELECTRIC CAR WEBSITE. Naturally, it’s a place where people who believe in electric cars will talk. I’m talking about how BMW really isn’t an electric car company and how for them… Read more »

Edit: By “top-layered” , I mean a thin laminate of carbon fiber on
the top and bottom of a molded plastic sheet.


The Tesla doesn’t have lots of parts that will fail? We’ll the one it does have seem to fail a lot.

Edmund’s Model S just broke down again on the freeway and had to be flatbedded to the Tesla service center. Their Model S just had its THIRD drive unit installed.

How many 2013 BMWs do you think have had three engines installed in 18K miles?

It seems George Clooney way right about Tesla.

When the last M5 appeared, Motor Trend tested it and gave initial impressions. Buried inside the article was mention that they couldn’t figure out how such a storied and established marque could mis-design the cooling system in such a basic way, and that the car had overheating problems that BMW would have to fix down the road. Now this is a very expensive car, mind you. What was funny was how the raved about the car. To me, if it’s fast and handles well, and makes people drive them like crazy fools around my kids – because the high cost of ownership gives them some kind of unspoken right to do so, I guess all that “Ultimate Driving Machine” advertising paid off. BMW seems to turn usually rational people into idiots. Haven’t read the Edmunds story you quote, I’ll have to say I’ve sold upper- end luxury cars in my lifetime, and yes, even they do have lemons. Some strange gremlins can get into production lines and I’ve seen cars with high pricetags with several faulty parts that seemed to curse the car the further it traveled down the line. Nobody ever said Tesla was perfect. They are, however, trying… Read more »

Using a ton of gasoline, along the way – mind you.

My dad was a Cadillac salesman during a good chunk of his life. Selling cars in a farm town – you wouldn’t expect him to be the number one Cadillac salesman – profit-per car in the nation! – But he was. As such, I rode around in a lot of Caddy demo cars in my time. When retirement came – he revealed his true desire to purchase an aspirational car. You know, the Caddy salesman who always dreamed of buying a Mercedes someday? Aren’t the Germans considered the world’s top mechanical engineers? Sure they are. His aspirational car arrived as a powder blue Mercedes – a real hum-dinger! Sadly the car had a “dead-spot” at around that speed where you press it to go onto the freeway. No Mercedes mechanic could find the culprit and my dad tired of taking his brand-new Mercedes into the shop every two weeks. Being very mechanically inclined, he too searched and searched for the culprit. In the end, we all surmised that yes, my dad purchased a Mercedes lemon. The car was sold and believe it or not, the guy discovered Honda ( Japanese car ) quality and reliability and hasn’t strayed from that… Read more »

Just to not tilt the playing field against our former enemies too much, it must also be regretably remembered about Eisenhower’s Starvation Order, where 3,000,000 German soldiers were just placed in a large open field, forced to deficate on themselves, and given just enough 100’s of calories ( low hundreds) per day until they all died. American GI’s here and there wanted to increase the rations, since by then plenty of food was available, but they would be told they’d be shot if they countermanded the order.

I always wondered why you’d hear stories about English speaking customers going into a modern German Restaurant, and 70-80 year old native germans would get very visibily upset, so the story goes, and stomp out.

They never taught us these things in history class.

Bill, you are right. History is recorded by the winner unfortunately.

Thanks, MTN..

The way to look at things is obviously as you know, is “What do I know for certain”? Having a healthy skepticm for what you’re told makes it easier to find the truth about all the claims made for EV products

Any actual evidence to support this conspiracy? Documents? Pictures? Where are the bodies? Any formal complaints from the German government? I imagine it’s pretty hard to get elected POTUS just a few years after deliberately starving a million German prisoners. Plus the 1952 RNC could probably have done better than to choose a genocidal maniac as their candidate that year.

My healthy skepticism makes me curious about such things.

Their diesels aren’t too shabby either. I just drove a new 328d..set it on cruise control at 65mph and average 64.9mph on a flat Highway stretch. My modded 335d could get over 40mpg…and ran a 12.3 qtr MI.. And 3.9 sec 0-60. Clean Mpg forums drove from NY to Chicago.. Over 800 miles on one tank! BMW has many international engine of the year awards… Compliance or not.. Their engineering results on the i3 and i8 will at least bring more attention to the EV movement.

Oh my – he brings up DIESELS…. 1) Diesel will not work in the USA, as previous gasoline price spikes have proven, when diesel goes up over $5.00/gal. Elroy may not know that compared to Europe, the USA refines only a fraction of our crude into diesel. Most of which is used for commercial vehicles. Elroy cannot show me any oil company in the USA that is planning or working on any new diesel refineries and they take 5-6 years to retrofit. Pretty plain message that the USA is not going to do more diesel. Another eye-opener is that the U.K. actually exports regular gasoline to the USA! Can you imagine? Europe refines so little petrol and even then cannot use what it has! America has fully committed to gasoline. This is not changing. Anybody who buys into diesel cars being a solution to high mileage is not educated in the matter and falls into an advertising trap. Some may read that they can produce their own diesel in crisis times, or use used vegetable oil obtained from restaurants for nothing – then produce biodiesel at home. This may happen in times like today. Suddenly, when prices rise like in… Read more »

All in all, as a Roadster owner, I’d say the electric stuff in the Roadster is fairly reliable, although I didn’t quite know what I was getting into with the ‘routine’ maintenance. All my problems with the car have been typical Lotus British Car issues that anyone who has had an MG or Triumph from years past can sympathize.

The Model S either seems rushed, or else, Tesla lost more talent than it thought it did with the death of those 3 young engineers. There don’t seem to be as many of the glaring errors with the Roadster that there have been with the “S”.

As far as changing the world, Musk in a rare moment of candor said selling is like going fishing where all the fish dump into the boat willingly.

As one of the ‘fish’ who jumped willingly years ago now, I hope I don’t end up like most caught fish do. Nice to see he has such a high regard for his customers.

Tesla Warrenty Service is pretty damn awesome. Much better than the service I get from other EV Companies, when their battery packs fail under warrenty. Still waiting on an RMA return so the dealer can install it, in fact. Was told it will take 8 days with shipping both ways. That would not happen with a Tesla…

Statistically speaking, no EV maker can create a perfect product 100% of the time, any more than any company that makes gasoline cars can. Maybe you recal Ford had some dangerous issues with their EV shutting down mysteriously, which eventually got resolved (many months later)… But you’d rather latch onto one Model S, and try to paint all Teslas with it; past present and future. Any possibly negative thing you can parrot, no matter how petty, you regurgitate to this blog.

I’m still trying to grasp your motivation for being so obnoxiously anti-Tesla… Did you get fired by Elon or something? Or are you suffering from a pathological case of EV sour grapes?

And as you’re fully aware, George was commenting on his old Roadster, which has nothing to do with the Model S.

Stay classy.

i8 is sweet. Too bad that I can’t afford it and it is sold out for 2014…

ya and it will lose half its charge of 20 miles in one 0-60 run lol

Makes a bunch of sense, right?

BMW stands for, “Bavarians Mugging the Wealthy”. i8 is a great example of a pointless halo product. 😉


I am from Germany, but don’t like the German cars. In EU the average Fleet CO2 goes from 120g/km to 90g/km. And with i3, i8 E Golf they want only to improve theirs bad CO2 average Fleet emissions!!! I know it from a BMW worker.In truth they don’t want to sell EV’s, look at only 10.000-15.000 i3 should be produced…they want to slow down the EV’s envelope.
I Will buy a Tesla Model E, Elon Musk is the only one who wants a world with 100% EV’s! And also Nissan and Mitsubishi have more interest with Leaf and I Miev than the German manufacturer! So I drive a Leaf today.

Thank you Michael. Extremely well said.

This toy will actually qualify for a $4,000 government rebate where I live.

Once the ICE is 150 hp or more, there should be no rebate.

Carbon Fiber is correct thinking. Strong, light weight and can make into great designs. BMW is moving in the correct direction with Carbon Fiber, but as soon as they said “Plug in Hybrid” they lost me. Internal combustion engines is wrong thinking! Look around any major metro at the brown haze of Co2 that is slowly choking us all and doing unrepairable damage to the planet. If we are talking about the here and now, today, leading the way to where we must be go, it takes vision, strong leadership, doing the correct thing. So, Nissan with the Leaf, Ford, but only with the Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi, but only with the all electric Miev, Honda but with only the all electric Fit and of course, way out in front Tesla, with the Tesla Model S are all taking us into the here and now correctly, 100% pure electric. This is where we want to go and where we must go. “Come on man!!!!” …. get with it! .. and stop it already with all the wrong thinking, gezzz! You can’t hype us into anything that has a gas motor with it. Evolve or die! We’re at the tipping point… Read more »