Video: BMW i8 Sightings


“It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s different. You can feel it.”

i8 Sighting

i8 Sighting

Like sighting a UFO, the BMW i8 is so unique that when you attempt to describe it to others, they may think you’ve gone slightly insane.

Have you sighted a BMW i8?

When you do sight one, how will you describe it to others?  Will you flap your arms up and down to show others how the doors operate?

Describing the i8 Sighting

Describing the i8 Sighting

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I tautgh I tsaw a putty cat.

i said holy **** when i saw it make a turn at an intersection with my windows down and the next to me looked over lol but damn that i8 is something else

I commute over the A 99 Autobahn north of Munich every day and I see i8s fairly regularly, maybe half a dozen in the past few months. It’s true though, they really look like something out of a science fiction film. The white laser headlights have a hue unlike anything else on the road, too.