Video: BMW i8 Performance in Detail


“With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the performance of the BMW i8 as an integral part of the vehicle.”

BMW i8

BMW i8

Says BMW.

So, with performance being the focus of this video, here’s a sampling of what BMW highlights:

  • 3-cylinder engine with 228 hp and 236 pound-feet of torqu
  • 152 hp per liter
  • Front electric motor spins out 129 hp and 184 pound-feet of torque
  • Additional rear electric motor pumps out 13 hp and 81 pound-feet of torque
  • Rear motor mainly recharges the battery pack, but it can help to smooth power delivery.
  • Total hp is 357
  • Total torque is 420 pound-feet

Check out the video to discover even more.

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Anyone know what the 0-60 time is when driving in EV only? Not that I can afford one, but I’m still interested.

Cant wait to see this vs. a P85

the i8 is very very fast

This is foremost a combustion engine car. You cannot enjoy the car’s performance because it has none without the primitive combustion engine powering up.
So this is a combustion engine car rendering the entire exercise futile. They are morons. Big mistake that they decided to hold on to the moronic ICE as the primary motor. They should have halved the weight of the car, cut the ICE by factor 6 and doubled the electric power. Then it would be a great car.

If these inflamitory remarks properly reflect your opinions without exageration then I would suggest tempering them anytime you don’t want to be mistaken for a troll. You may not enjoy the performance of a “primative combustion engine” but ultimately, most people who enjoy automobiles do. Additionally, if you think it’s possible to “half the weight” of this vehicle by removing the ICE (rather than the battery pack or other electronic components) then your understanding of material properties and engineering are hopelessly subpar. If anything a pure EV version of the i8 with similar acceleration numbers would require a battery pack with 3-4 times the capacity and a much larger electric motor for the rear axle. The result would be a car 200-300 HEAVIER with, 1/3 the range and 2/3 the top speed that would cost more. Sure they could keep a small(er) battery (maybe twice the existing capacity) and reduce the ICE to the role of a range extender, but then the car would go into “limp home” mode anytime it was driven hard enough or far enough to pull the battery below its prefered operating range; more like an i3. That behavior is fine for a city car, but… Read more »

I have to agree with Dan. For all its style, the i8 coming with a 7.2kwh battery is a miss, relative to the package they are marketing. BMW, what does “I” mean, if your flagship electric is really an enhanced ICE machine? Is that the message you really want to send? Another German PHEV whose EV mode craps out to ICE, after maybe a dozen miles on a cold day”.

People make too much of the battery weight penalty. We aren’t talkin’ 85kwh. We’re talking “why not 20, or 25kwh, instead of……7. At ~250 pounds, all the other fixed weight in electric motors and generation start to seem wasteful. The Porsche 918, with ~9kwh, weighs 800lbs more than the i3 with 22kwh. Go figure.

Jon, I didn’t say reducing the ICE would halve the weight of the car, did I.
My engineering kung fu is quite strong and if you weren’t so ignorant you would know who I am 🙂
What I said is the truth. Your objection is based entirely on sheepishly blind faith in BMW’s judgment and you shape your ‘thoughts’ to conform to that thoughtless premise. Try reading what I said once more and do a bit of sober thinking this time.
The i8 is overpriced and should be predominantly electric to have credibility in the EV movement next to Tesla. They erred.
I’m sure there will be customers who are thoughtless and ignorant enough to be fooled by the illusion and buy the car but those with intelligence will not.
A Tesla Model S can out accelerate it even though the i8 has to scream its stupid ICE. What green credibility does it have next to that.
You can tip toe around in electric mode but every time you want to play the stupid combustion engine turns on. No intelligent person can enjoy that. At 50% higher price.