Video: BMW i8 – LifeDrive


BMW continues its i8 video series with this one focused on the vehicle’s LifeDrive architecture:

LifeDrive- BMW i8

LifeDrive- BMW i8

“With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the LiveDrive architecture of the BMW i8.”

As a refresher, LifeDrive is explained by BMW as follows:

“BMW LifeDrive is the first architecture to be custom-built for electric cars. It is made up of two separate units: the Life module, the passenger cell made of carbon, and the Drive module with suspension and drive components and the high-voltage battery. The advantage? By securely housing all drive components in the lower module, there is no tunnel running through the middle of the car, thus leaving more room for passengers. The LifeDrive architecture not only compensates for the extra weight of the battery, it also lowers the car’s centre of gravity, giving every BMW i the kind of agility you’ve grown to expect from BMW.”

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I’ll grant you it’s a pretty car, but otherwise, not that impressive. Besides the use of carbon, it’s a high performance Chevy Volt, not a Tesla. Where’s the storage space? Engine in back and Electric motor in front. Tiny trunk.
Give us a 200 mile battery electric vehicle and then I’ll be impressed.

Well, the engine is almost the same size as the Volt, and yet this thing does 0-60 (4.4 sec) in about half the time as a Volt.. Which is about the same as the V8 M3 with an engine more than twice as big as the i3 (1.5l vs 4.0l) so it is pretty impressive in that regard.

I’ve been watching the i8 and the i3 and this is really a great add.

Nice car, but then one would expect alot with the $138,000.00 price tag. I guess for more detail we’ll have to wait to someone gets an actual car.

I’ve always wondered if gm had used the spark ev motor on the rear wheel of the Cadillac ELR and the 275hp 2L turbo from the ATS or highly boosted version of the 1.4 as the sole unit for the front wheels. Keeping the volt batterypack. Maybe it might have had some performance merit like the bmw i8 without being just an overpriced reskinned volt.

The way this car is setup; it could be offered in 3 ways: hybrid, gas only, electric only. Also potentially; electric setup in the front AND back. All car makers buy steel or aluminum on rolls and that is a price they can’t control since they aren’t vertically integrated. Maybe that is why BMW sees the future belonging to carbon fiber? Just as with batteries; either pay someone for them and be at the mercy of their production; or build them inhouse(Nissan) at your cost. We’re right on the edge of all things automotive getting real interesting. A new smaller, lighter battery is going on sale next month or so. See latest evtv for it. Don’t quote me on the numbers; but if I recall correctly, 60% smaller and 80% of the weight. Maybe I have the numbers reversed? Price is negotiable as always. Calb is the maker. I foresee all 2015 or at least 2016 EV’s having substantially(double or more) more range than they do now. Who’s first?! It’s going to be a price war, range war, and a performance war. This is make it or break it time for Nissan and Mitsubishi and others. They can either be… Read more »