Video: BMW i8 – Intelligent Lightweight

JAN 21 2014 BY STAFF 5

In BMW’s continuing series of i8 video we see this latest one focused on the aspects of the vehicle that contribute to weight.

How 'Bout One of Each?

How ‘Bout One of Each?

Per BMW:

“With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the idea of the intelligent lightweight construction to reduce weight on the one hand and to achieve an extremely robust passenger cell on the other.”

Most of the i8’s lightness come courtesy of carbon fiber, but as the video shows, there are other materials in play too.  Additionally, some of the i8’s heft is a by product of it being a plug in, though the automaker says it countered most of the battery pack’s added weight by using high-tech construction methods.

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If it was lightweight it wouldn’t weigh 1500kg.
VW Golf VII is all steel and weighs 1050kg.
Id. I. Ots.

Wikipedia says 1,205 kg – 1,395 kg. And it doesn’t have a big battery.
But I agree that 1.5 tons is not really lightweight. It is lighter-weight 🙂

The 1200 might be including a dude and fuel.

And no, 1500 is not lighter weight, It’s heavier weight. You are just too sheepish to think for yourself when it contradicts your parental authority illusions.

Erm, OK then. Lighter as in lighter than it would have been if they used steel, not lighter than it should be. Clear enough?