Video: BMW i8 Gets Fully Revealed in Clay Model Form


BMW decided that now’s the time to fully reveal the i8 without the swirly camouflage.

BMW i8 Clay

BMW i8 Clay

Unfortunately, the camo may be gone, but clay is all we see here.

Still, we’ve long been fans of these clay models, which are a true work of art.

This clayed BMW perhaps provides us with the most accurate look yet at the i8, though you do have to use your imagination a bit.

Splash some paint here.  Sub out some clay for glass there.  Soon, you’ll see the i8.

Give it a shot.  Do you see flawless design execution?  Or are there aspects of the i8 you’d like changed?


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just looks like a slightly altered bmw coupe to me, nothing special at all

I agree!

I don’t care for the loose body work unless it has rational aerodynamic advantages and it doesn’t. I don’t care for the bmw nostrils either, they are aerodynamic cavities aka bad.
There are no real wheel covers and the rims aren’t aerodynamic.
The car is much too heavy, it’s too slow, it’s primarily an ICE car which is a huge mistake (i3 bias is much better) and the price is much too high for what it is.

There might be enough buyers for it same as there are plenty of buyers for the old ICE junk cars the manufacturers make now but it should be a flop. It doesn’t deserve to sell.
They have to let go of the stupid ICE.