Video: BMW i8 3D Modeling Time Lapse


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BMW i8 3D Modeling

BMW i8 3D Modeling

What you’ll see in the 11-minute video is 22 hours of 3D modeling a BMW i8.

Dubbed speed modeling by video uploader Millergo CG Artist, this time-lapse video shows every BMW i8 design detail rendered in 3D in mere minutes.

The video caught our attention for sure, especially since it involves the i8, arguably today’s best looking plug-in vehicle.

For more on how this 3D modeling is done, check out the Millergo CG website.

Who’s behind this 3D video?  Here’s his bio in brief:

3d time lapse

And finally, we’ve included one complete render of the BMW i8 from Millergo’s collection, which you can check out in its entirety by clicking here.

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Sub-Patching to replicate the look of something’s exterior, isn’t the same as CAD Modeling something for actual production.

Yeah they use nurbs for the real deal but it’s still nice work.

Cool, but that bloody music on that video! It ruins a lot.

Its is a gorgeous car but why the Hitler stache?

This is really cool, Do you know where i could find the HDRI image you used as a background