Video: BMW i3 World Premier Streaming Live Now


Live streaming reveal of the BMW i3 world premier starts at 8:15 AM EST and ends at approximately 10:00 AM EST.

The streaming event includes:

  • General Pictures
  • Speech Dr. Norbert Reihofer (CEO of BMW AG)
  • The unveiling event
  • Driving shots from the BMW i3

Videos and pictures from the event and the live stream can be found by clicking here.

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6 Comments on "Video: BMW i3 World Premier Streaming Live Now"

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Nice find, Eric. BTW, even though I disagree with some of your opinions, I think you are doing a great job for the site.

Thanks Taser54…The compliment is much appreciated!!!

Ohh what a theatrics

what a water!

Whelp, I can’t watch any longer. This is like Lebron to Miami ESPN special.

That was just hard to watch. The whole global web cast thing kept reminding me of that episode of “The Office” a few years ago when Ryan was at the New York office of Dunder Mifflin and had the simulcast going for all of the DM branches. Just awkward. I just was expecting a lot better from BMW on this front. As for the i3 itself, very nice effort, but I don’t expect to see alot of them on the roads. Who’s their market? Current BMW owners I presume? Why not an all-electric 3 series then?

I think the Volt team is feeling relaxed right now.