Video: BMW i3 Turns Heads in France


BMW brought the i3 to Paris, France for test drives and, as you’ll see in the video, the i3 has the ability to turns heads.

BMW i3s in France

BMW i3s in France

Its funky styling is likely what’s turning heads, but the fact that it has a BMW badge (coupled with those odd styling details) is surely why the onlookers’ heads are turning for an extra glance.

As BMW states:

“The new BMW i3 are being tested in Paris.”

“A 100% and 100% electric city!”

We think the “city” reference is fine when you wheel the i3 into Paris, but BMW should probably drop the use of this word so that potential buyers don’t get the sense that the i3 is only for urban dwellers.

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Maybe in the near future, local governments can wirelessly disable the ICE in hybrids during pollution emergencies?

Forget it.
No matter what the cause is, no matter what the consequences are, giving a government such a power over people’s freedom is a bad idea : it causes more harm than good.

If you want people to stop driving, remove the incentive, (give them a day off).

I think the “city” reference is appropriate; given the limitations of the RX.

France is a country that really needs to adopt EVs. With all those nukes generating lots of power at night which is probably mostly just wasted, they should have lots of EVs to charge up at night with that excess power.

“A 100% and 100% electric city!”

What is that supposed to mean?

100% of 100%. Don’t you get it?

The city of lights.