Video: BMW i3 Stops by In-N-Out Burger


This ain’t your average BMW i3 test-drive review, that’s for sure.

BMW i3s at In-N-Out

BMW i3s at In-N-Out

We suspect that most BMW i3 owners won’t frequent In-N-Out Burger all that often, but that didn’t stop this reviewer from testing out the i3’s ability to zip in and out of the local In-N-Out Burger.

It just so happens to be the reviewers first time behind the wheel of an i3 and his first time sampling In-N-Out Burger’s finest.

This particular video review was record during CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We suspect that a stop at In-N-Out wasn’t part of the planned route, but the BMW i3 drew quite the crowd, so we’re certain BMW brass didn’t mind.

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First time driving an all electric car… and first time parking a car by the looks of it 😛

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Congratulations to “Jacqueline” as the first person ever banned from InsideEVs

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Hello, first of all, it wasn’t Eric’s review, it was a post of someone else’s review. Second of all a smart person does not need that kind of language to get a point across. I don’t know you but you are making yourself look bad, and leaving a negative impression on others.

“never about its defaults?” What the heck is that supposed to mean.

Jacqueline is obviously not a native English speaker. She probably meant “about its faults”.

That’s an ironic post, don’t you think? LOL



But Eric –IS– tragically wrong about In-And-Out Burger. EVERYONE in SoCal loves them, even BMW owners. 😉

Yeah, it’s like saying Lexus’s don’t go to McDonald’s.


The reviewer says 100 mile range. We haven’t heard from the EPA yet, have we?

The reviewers are just repeating BMW’s 80-100 mile claim. EPA range probably not available for another couple months (just before US sales).

I suspect it will end up having similar range to the Leaf.

Did the get ‘animal style’?

Nothing like a “4 by 4 animal style”!!! Nom! 😀

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