Video: BMW i3 Review


Here we present the video review of the BMW i3 from Left Lane News.

As Left Lane News seeks to answer in this review:

BMW i3 Review Left Lane News

BMW i3 Review Left Lane News

“With a starting price of $42,275, does the i3 deliver a strong value? More importantly, does it offer the driving experience expected of a BMW?”

Ron Duron of Left Lane News tackles those questions and more in this First Drive review.


Source: Left Lane News

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This car right now has a 80 mile range and yet it is $15,000 for then a Nissan leaf and thinks it’s a Tesla. If this car has a $15000 price that is higher then a Nissan Leaf why doesn’t it have a 150 mile range? While Nissan is talking about raising their cars range to 150 miles for $3000 to $5000 more in the next year or two? While Tesla is planning on lowering their bar and swallowing this car up with their $40,000 model E?

As long as no other EV makers are putting out a well appointed RWD EV with a ~7s 0-60 time or quicker, the i3 will do okay.

They’ve got a few years before the Model E arrives and other PHEVs makes it look overpriced.

Not to mention besides out accelerating a LEAF, this thing will out corner and out brake it as well. And more than likely be more efficient as well. Should be top off its class with nicer interior appointments as well. So yes. A premium price is justified. All that remains to be seen is whether or not BMW will offer attractive lease payments or subsidize discounts, that is not looking too good at moment, hopefully they will change their tune.

Why do BMW/Mercedes/Volvo sell any car at all when you can buy a cheap Dacia/Chevrolet/Tata that also have four wheels, seats 5 or more people and have a gas tank?

The e-UP is $12-13k cheaper than the Leaf, why doesn’t the leaf have at least 250 miles of range?

Like a Volt, the i3 can be driven anywhere cross country. For all practical purposes, the Leaf is only an in-town car.

So you will add gas every 90 miles???

It is much worse than volt and much expansive than volt

+1 and the i3 was not designed to go long trips with gas, the extender is just to avoid range anxiety and get to the next charger.

It is looking like OEMs may have figuring out that well off suburbanites will pay ~$40K for “green” cars with 150-200 miles range. This won’t really address our energy use, but will give cars another decade before the torches and pitchforks come out.

eSaab for me, 280km!!!!!

Short on range. Don’t car how it looks, though I can appreciate how it’s looks could trun people off. What would you do with 42k or so wait for the gen III, or buy some other ev?
Just wondering, as I am starting to think about buying one, an ev, seriously. I’d rather go pure, but if the RE was well done enough, I could go that way.

The i3 is on my list, but the effective price with a few options gets right on top of $50k+ very quickly…tops out at $56k. Typical BMW pricing.

45k with the range extender. 4 seats. 10k more than a Volt. Rear wheel drive. For the snow belt that’s not a plus. 200 mile range total range. I know the Volt pretty much has the same power available whether on electric or on the range extender. Wonder how the i3 is.