Video: BMW i3 is the Slot Car for the Real World


The BMW i3 gets its roots from the slot car.

BMW Slot Cars

BMW Slot Cars

That’s the pitch presented here by BMW and we get it, though we’re not so sure this advertisement works all that well.

Like a slot car, the BMW i3 is powered by an electric motor.  Like a slot car, the i3 has a body made of plastic.  Like a slot car, the i3 gets power from metal rails embedded in the road?!?!  Like a slot car, the BMW i3 has no battery?!?!

See…it just doesn’t quite work.

While the i3 may have some similarities to a slot car, so to do all automobiles available today.

We think the point that BMW is trying to make is that the i3 handles like its on rails, sticks to the road like glue (if you’re gentle on the trigger) and is electric.  The similarities between the i3 and a slot car end there.

The video is decent…far better than most i3 ads, but it’s still not quite right.

Here’s what BMW says to accompany the video:

“BMW eDrive is an innovative new development in the scope of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology. The impressively agile electric motor developed by BMW in conjunction with the lithium-ion high-voltage battery and intelligent energy management provides driving enjoyment and efficiency in every situation. The BMW i3 flawlessly fulfills the requirements of city driving while simultaneously allowing convenient overland trips without concern about the range.”

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4 Comments on "Video: BMW i3 is the Slot Car for the Real World"

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Getting power from the road needs to be pushed farther. There are some nice ideas out there to accomplish this. Maybe BMW can help push some of the better ideas.

Oh, you mean like a slot car the i3 flies off the road on every curve? 😉

Or like a slot car’s brushes the charging connector gets frayed and unusable?

Or like a slot car your big brother takes your favorite one away never to be seen again?

Or like a slot car your sister does not look where she is going and it gets crushed giving her the nickname of Godzilla?

Yeah, a $46k slot car. If the golf cart analogy wasn’t bad enough…

To portray the instant torque of an EV, I think the power drill analogy is better.


They should have used a Hot Wheels Sizzlers Track without the car trap.