Video: BMW i3 Is So Quiet That Your Kid Might Sneak Away With It


“The all-electric BMW i3 is so quiet, you could get away with anything.”

i3 EV Grin

i3 EV Grin

Or your kid could get away with anything…Almost.  Darn BMW i app.

Were it not for that app, then sneaking out in the BMW i3 late at night would be breeze thanks to how quiet the electric i3 is.

That’s the message BMW is conveying in this latest i3 ad spot.

Oh…the EV grin is there too.

The i3 is fun to drive, sneak-out-of-the-house quiet and impresses girls.  Need it be anything more?

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This is the best ad I’ve seen yet.

The must have a belt (or worm) drive garage door opener too!

So quiet, you can hear BMW Execs laughing for every i3 sold. 😉

I would believe he picked up that beauty with a BMW i8, but the i3 No way!!!

girls love my smart and i3 isnt that bad so its possible…

Your chances of getting any action would probably improve, as most studies indicate.
Unless you are a total loser, then even an electric car will be to no avail.

What a Volt commercial should be…..


Exactly what I’ve been thinking the last few years!