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“The consistently sustainable design of the BMW i3 makes it the perfect vehicle for urban environments in the megacity: driven by pure electric power and customized for the requirements of a sustainable and emission-free mobility, it embodies an intelligent form of travel. The vehicle represents an integrated and harmonious concept where every detail has been optimized to its purpose. This can be seen in the functionally dynamic exterior and in the clean and reduced interior space.”

BMW Execs Discusses i3 Design

BMW Execs Discusses i3 Design

“BMW i stands for a visionary automobile and a new understanding of premium mobility characterized by a consistent alignment towards sustainability. The inspiring, future-orientated design of the BMW i vehicles makes this something to be experienced in all its facets. It authentically visualizes the innovative technology of the vehicles and transfers values such as lightness, safety, and efficiency onto the exterior and interior design. The result is a unique aesthetic which gives the vehicles their own unique identity. Born from the desire for sustainability and efficiency, the design of the BMW i vehicles is clean, reduced, homogenous and dynamic at the same time. Smooth surfaces, accentuated by sparse use of precise edges, appear to be cast from one piece. In conjunction with functional details and innovative solutions, this results in an exciting, modern design language that clearly formulates the future orientation of the vehicles”

That’s BMW describing the overall design of the i3.

However, at the i3 unveiling, BMW had more to add.  Watch as one of BMW’s gurus discusses the i3 at the Design Presentation in NYC.

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Big fan of Adrian Van Hooydonk’s work here, Would like to shake his hand one day.

It’s a bit like Audi A2 which of course weighed 900kg and was done in all metal. BMW failed at 1250kg using a carbon fiber body.

While it’s not offensive to look at I feel certain it could have looked a lot better while having much better aerodynamics as well. And weighed a lot less.

It’s also a missed opportunity to substantially modernize those misguided BMW nostrils. It could be 2 solid lines continuing into 2 line headlights.
The facia is rather busy with a lot of colors and not particularly harmonious.

The 0.29 drag coefficient is nothing to write home about. The failure is pretty universal actually with maybe a minor exception for price which is only not great.

And of course points for going electric but that goes without saying.