Video: BMW i3 Compared to Volkswagen e-Up!


This is not an actual comparison per say, but we found this silent video mash up to be rather interesting.

Both the BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-Up! are on sale now in Europe.

So, why not explore how they compare?  Especially since VW’s head of electric-powertrain technology, Rudolf Krebs said this not so long ago about the two cars:

“We deliberately positioned the electric Up! against the i3.  The time is ripe to introduce electric mobility on a large scale.”  (full story here)

The e-Up! is way cheaper than the i3, though the price comparison depends on which country we’re focusing on.  For example, in Germany, the e-Up! has an MSRP of €26,900 (US36,480) , versus the i3’s MSRP of €34,950 (US$46,400).

But again we stress that this video isn’t a comparison video.  Rather, it’s a look at both the e-Up! and i3 in a way that shows the similarities that exist with these two EVs.

Here are the VW e-Up! specs:

  • 81 hp
  • 155 lb ft
  • 18.7kWh lithium ion battery pack
  • Claimed range of up to 93 miles (rated at 160 km/99 miles on NEDC-which translate to about 65 on the US-EPA scale)
  • Full recharge in 6 hours
  • Optional CCS fast charger
  • Top speed of 81 mph
  • 0 to 62 in 12.4 seconds
  • Warranty on battery pack is eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first




And now for the BMW i3 specs:

i3 Specs

i3 Specs

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I3 is really ugly and I can’t see the skinny tires fron this angle which I guess will the look even worse flimsy. WV looks is very similar although i3 is has a nicer interior, the e-Up looks more robust from the outside.

Oh how I long for the day when cars won’t be compared just because they are both powered by electricity…

Ultimately, these are both small cars powered by electricity and….well….they have 4 wheels, and um, yeah.

There is a huge chasm in performance between these two cars. While 0-60 times are an overused measure of a car’s performance, one of these (the i3) is pretty quick, while the other is REALLY slow. I know EVs perform better in the real world than their numbers suggest (I drive a Volt, and came from an M5), but this delta alone moves these cars into different classes. Speaking of 0-60 times, we seem to be seeing three “classes” of cars for EVs and PHEVs – those is the 7.x second range (i3, ELR, Golf GTE, Audi A3 E-tron, Spark!, etc. <== note some of these only hit their numbers when the ICE is running), the 9-10 second cars (Leaf, Volt, etc.) and the 10-13 second cars like this one, the Kia Soul EV, etc – and of course Model S occupies its own space at the top of the EV food chain!

Comparing the e-Up! to the i-MiEV would be a much better comparison. The specs between those two vehicles is nearly identical. The BMW is in a different performance and price class.