Video: BMW i3 and BMW i8 at Tokyo Marathon 2014


BMW was an official sponsor for the Tokyo Marathon 2014, which was held last weekend.

BMW i8 at the Half Way Point

BMW i8 at the Half Way Point

The BMW i8 served as the “pace” vehicle for the marathon and the BMW i3 was a support vehicle.  It’s fitting that the two vehicles were there, neither of which spewed emissions into the atmosphere during the event.

As for the marathon itself, Dickson Chumba (Kenya) won the men’s race and, as usual, Kenyan and Ethiopian runners dominated the event.

Ethiopia’s Tirfi Tsegaye won the women’s race.

36,000 marathoners took part in the race.

BMW i3 Makes a Brief Appearance

BMW i3 Makes a Brief Appearance


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It would be nice to see them in the Tour de France, if the silence doesn’t cause problems.

Echos of Lance Armstrong drafting a LEAF…

What silence?
The motor may not make noise, but the tires do.

Maybe v6 and v8 engines can be heard over rolling noise, but even at low speeds, tire noise is MUCH higher that a modern 4 cylinder 100hp engine when not significantly accelerating.

Besides, as far as I know, not only are the drivers capable of avoiding the cyclists they are trained to drive among, but apparently the riders also have the gift of sight.