Video: BMW and Audi to Steal Sales From Tesla?


The electric vehicle competition is heating up, especially in Germany where Tesla, Audi and BMW aim to face off soon.

The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat

For BMW, it’s s the i3 and i8.

For Audi, it’s the A3 Sportback e-tron.

For Tesla, it’s the Model S.

And if we toss in Volkswagen, it’s the e-Up! and e-Golf.

Yes, there’s a battle soon to be brewing, especially in Germany, the home turf of most (excluding Tesla) of the automakers listed here.

How will it all play out?  Hmm…

Well, in this video we have Dougherty & Co.’s Andrea James, Trading Advantage’s Scott Bauer and Bloomberg’s Matt Miller discussing Tesla’s future with competition soon to come from BMW and Audi.

Interesting times…Yes they truly are.

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If or when BMW, Audi, and VW begin to roll out FREE Supercharging networks across Germany, located in convenient locations (not dealerships), then we can say Tesla competition is heating up. Tesla is the only manufacturer that has the “FREE Charging for life” niche.


I don’t think that the “free” network is a real argument. When you pay nearly 100k$ for a car, you don’t really care paying a few bucks to refuel it. More over, 90% of refuel is done at home. BUT, having a network of fast AND well located station is an important argument for Tesla. You are right : L3 at dealership are pretty much useless.

Especially when most dealerships only have L2 and only a few have L3.

Or the 200+ miles per charge niche.

Germany’s excessive high electricity prices will become a real cost burden for Tesla.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So the one guy says that other manufacturers can already build cars with the range that Tesla has. The woman asks “why aren’t they doing it?” Then they guy points to the BMW i8. I guess they don’t realize the i8 has very limited electric range. Its pathetic.

Just goes to show you how completely uninformed most of the US public is. Just as switching from a PC to a Mac can be difficult for some, switching from gas to electric is going to be mind-numbingly difficult.

To us, it’s simple, but we have to think about what I call the “Wal-Mart crowd”. If we show up in front of Wal-Mart with an electric car, I would bet most of them wouldn’t even know there was such a thing. Then, because it was different than their jacked-up, mud-tired F-450 dualie pickup, they wouldn’t like it. “If I can’t mud in a LEAF, why the hell would I want one?”

It’s not uninformed, Aaron. It’s disinformed.

Took the words out of my mouth Dave. Fricken Bloomberg-stock-trading-Vegas-know-nothing-weasels.

Company X stock goes up – “Oh we love this stock and always have”
Compay X stock goes down a bit – “Wow this stock is gonna crash, you should sell”

I think it has been proven that a monkey throwing darts can pick stocks as well as any “savy investor”.

Another comment, about the head on the left saying anyone can build an EV, then why did Toyota & Mercedes go to Tesla for their drive train?

It’s obvious that Yota and Mercedes choose not to pursue to years of subsidy pricing.

I think they have not clue about the difference between EV, Hybrids, EREV, and so on, they think that if the CEO call and order the production of a EV car with the same or better performance and range than Tesla is going to happen in a month. The don’t have the technology yet to do it, is so obvious, I’m not saying they can’t, I’m saying the still waiting to see what is going to happen with Tesla because they do not believe in pure EVs, and Tesla is going years ahead now. Even if Tesla can’t deliver a low price car, will position the company like Jaguar, 3 models and status of luxury brand. I don’t think Tesla want to be Toyota like, I think they would like to be BMW like.

Yeah! A few years ago, those analysts would probably say “If Kodak wants to build digital cameras, they can do it tomorrow”. Oops, yes they finally did, but too late. Canon and others took the market!

And the talking heads don’t want to look 3 years out, but they think in 3 years there will be a bunch of Tesla knock offs. Ha.. sure. Even the BEV’s out now are mostly compliance ones.

This just goes to show that many people (most?) don’t have a clue.

The sad part is that was a show with the more knowledgeable people about EVs.

I don’t think the EV market is in a state where much customer stealing is going on. It’s still easier to convert ICE customers to EV. In fact I think more EV cars and models will benefit the EV segment for ALL manufacturers of EVs.

I agree – right now every EV success actually helps EV sales of other brands.

..and, by extension, this is why manufacturers of higher margin ICE vehicles are not introducing viable, full battery powered EVs.

There is also Panamera PHEV. How many of those were sold so far?

We should find out next week.

Yes BMW stole me away from Tesla. I was one click away from reserving a model s but then saw the i3 and going to get that instead. I can afford either car so money didn’t matter. I like the idea of the extended range. I drive a 2012 Volt now. Yes, I still have range anxiety.

Man, I drive a Mitsubishi I Miev 1100 miles per month and only charge with 110vac at home and have only gotten a little range anxiety twice. I saw a Volt at the pump for the first time ever yesterday!