Video: Bloomberg Says BMW i3 Will Compete With Tesla Model S


Does the BMW i3 compete with the Tesla Model S?

Bloomberg Says i3 Takes on Tesla...We Disagree

Bloomberg Says i3 Takes on Tesla…We Disagree

We don’t quite think that it does, but that won’t stop the comparisons from coming.

Of course, the i3 isn’t in the same class as the Model S.  One is an urban runabout.  The other, a family sedan.

There’s a price differential of tens of thousands, too.

But do you think the i3 competes, or will compete, with the Model S?

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No. Sorry.

well, they are both electric and have four wheels, so… no

well, they are both electric and have four wheels, so… no, they are not competitors.

Compete with the Model S? Nah. It will compete with the Volt, Leaf and Focus. People buying the i3 will mostly be people who want an electric but can’t afford a Model S.

Once the Gen 3 comes out, Tesla and BMW will probably compete for the same dollars though.

But I find it funny that a piece that is supposed to be about the launch of the i3 turns out to be a free add for the Model S 🙂

Looks like a C-Max Energi. Battery capacity just larger than a Leaf with a small range extender. It’s “the car of the future that will be in the past sooner than we think”. I don’t think Frank Weber did that great of a job here. Volt is nicer and has more utility overall. And is $10K cheaper and made right here in our country.

You seem to dismiss the battery capacity of the i3 but then praise the Volt, which has 2 to 3 times less electric range?
Not sure either how to take your conclusion that the “Volt has more utility” when it boasts the smallest interior and cargo space of the vehicles you mentioned.

Last but not least, your math regarding pricing is, er… a little off.
i3: MSRP starting at $41,350
Volt: $39,145 (both before incentives)

Maybe BMW will eat some of GM’s lunch after all.

I think it’ll compete with all manufacturers, particularly the Rex version. From the price/feature perspective, I think the i3 is one of the most attractive choices out there. If BMW offers their complimentary 3 years of maintenance (which should be minimal), it makes it even more attractive.

Staggered fit, so, no tire rotations. What maintenance is there on a BEV for the first 3 years?

lol get out of here in no way does it compete with tesla other than being electric

Maybe it competes with the Tesla X but not the S. Do they (BB) actually believe that?

This is no game changer, offering similar capabilities to Leaf etc. And it is obviously no threat to Tesla. At all.

BMW and others need to build electric cars that look as good as the Teslas AND that has better range and inside space. But why wait for that when you can buy a Tesla today…