Video: Bloomberg Discusses Tesla Model S Production Ramp Up


Production of the Tesla Model S is now exceeding a rate of 400 units per week.

Bloomberg Discusses Model S Ramp Up

Bloomberg Discusses Model S Ramp Up

That’s a known.

What’s unknown is what it took for Tesla to get there.

Why now?

Were there production hiccups along the way?

What’s next?

And what’s that far-off goal?

Bloomberg recently fielded these questions and, in doing so, provided us with some decent answers.

How’s 500,000 units annually sound?  Some day that might be where Tesla stands.  Do you believe that?

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Tesla should do well, provided CA doesn’t continue declining like Detroit.

Yes. I think the real challenge for electric cars is for everybody who thinks they have money to buy one, before they figure out that they don’t.

I hate this TV format where 2 people that don’t know what they are talking about try to sound profound.

And why does the woman have to yell? I’m tired of “news” people yelling at me.

The only obstacle for Tesla now is building out their showroom network and getting legislative support. That, and battery acquisition.

They spoke a lot, but they didn’t say anything.

For Tesla to build 500,000 vehicles per year they would probably need the lineup of:

Model S w/ 500 mile pack at current pricing
Model X w/ 400 mile pack at Model S pricing
Gen III sedan w/ 250 mile range starting at 35k
Gen III CUV w/ 200 mile range starting at 40k
Roadster 3.0 starting at 70k w/ ZR1 level performance

So 2017 launch of Gen III sedan, 2018 launch Gen III CUV, and a couple years to ramp up production, maybe 2020. With the big “IF”, can they continue to execute flawlessly like the last few years and not implode in the meantime?

With a compelling electric truck starting at 50k, they could add another 100k-200k sales.

How much will this 500 mile pack cost to be retrofitted to a Roadster?