Video: Bloomberg BusinessWeek Editor Discusses Tesla’s Non-Dealership Approach


Tesla’s dealership model (actually its lack of any dealership) will be a hot topic for months, if not years to come.

Business Week Guy Discussing Tesla's Sales Approach

Business Week Guy Discussing Tesla’s Sales Approach

As Tesla moves further along in its successes, the store versus dealership battle will only continue to heat up.

Tesla has to know that this is the biggest battle it’ll likely face moving forward.

Several analysts see the difficulty here.

It’s not like Tesla can enact change overnight.  The dealership associations are simply too strong for Tesla alone to battle them all.

Is this a battle that Tesla can win?

Listen in as some guy from BusinessWeek presents the more pessimistic view of what Tesla trying to accomplish in its quest to sell direct.

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What an amazing amount of misleading and misguided comments. I don’t know where to begin! I would love to have a discussion with this gentleman to open his mind to the power of the majority and the future. The most important thing to state is this, every law on the books in the US can be changed with voter majority. The “Powerful Dealerships” are real, that is accurate. But never discount the voters! You may remember a certain segment of our political system who recently did so. Tesla, the first open source car manufacturer. A paradigm shift in business, politics, social media, and sustainability.

I wonder how much these guys actually follow the technology, or do they just quickly wiki “Tesla” before becoming a talking head on TV.

Evidently, B.

….”They’re taking things that are made from all over, putting them
together in California and selling a car that they think can bypass all
that” “…..The frames are madein Germany…uh, uh… Great Britain”….

This is whom they track down to speak authoritatively on Tesla and
auto dealers?

Since when did this guy track down all the countries that any
domestic car’s parts are sourced from? All cars today are
international in origin.

“FRAMES?!!”… “Built in Great Britain”?!!!

I tell my kids not to believe what they hear on TV.

That’s how people invest in TSLA stock…

I thought Tesla fabricates its on body parts onsite?


I think the talking head was confused and was trying to refer to the Lotus bodies.

The Tesla team must have figured out how to tune people out and stay focused on their mission. It’s one thing to not do your homework 20 years ago when it was quite difficult. But good grief man, just spend an hour or two on the internet and YouTube to understand the company you are commenting on. Is it that hard?

The frame is made in Great Britain?

That was the roadster …..
The Model S Frame is defiantly made in California.
Watch some recent you tube videos it’s all out there regarding the S…

Yes – this guy Googled the Roadster 10 minutes before he had to go on air
for this interview.

He missed the part that these cars don’t have frames, and that the Roadster
has been out of production for years now.

This video would have been useful for him to watch. Made by Bloomberg