Video: Bloomberg Asks, “Can This $136,000 BMW Topple Tesla?”


Short answer…nope.

BMW i8

BMW i8

In comparison to the Tesla Model S, the BMW i8 comes off as an overpriced, under-performing automobile.

The i8 is not quite as quick as the top-of-the-line Model S, yet it costs tens of thousands more.

Furthermore, the i8 is basically a 2-seater (it seats 4, but only in a pinch or if the back two seats are occupied by kid-sized individuals, then it’s okay), whereas the Model S is a true family seating with seating for 5 or even 7 (courtesy of two jumper seats out back only usable by kid-sized individuals).

We’ll stop now before we blow the details discussed throughout the entire video.

Here’s the description that runs with this Bloomberg video clip:

“Tesla CEO Elon Musk made electric cars cool again. Now every automaker seems to want a piece of the action. Bloomberg’s Matt Miller tells us who the next contender may be.”

Is there a “next” contender out there or coming soon?

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

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The two can’t be compare, different target markets. Tesla still have not competition yet.

The i8 is certainly better looking. And if the price were the same, I might even pick the i8 despite its pathetic 22 mile range, about what a C-Max energi would get. However, I suspect the all-electric mode would outrun a C-Max Energi without any doubt. The range is enough to do my daily commute. Overall, the Tesla is a better car.

“certainly better looking” lol No its good looking not better

An ICE can’t compete with an electric engine. On every aspect, an electric motor is better than an ICE. The only reason you might want an ICE in a car, is because batteries are too expansive. But this is not a problem for a car with a 136 000$ price tag.

BMW choice of putting an ICE in the i8 doesn’t make sense, and therefore this car is a flaw. Remove the engine, and put more batteries, and they might have a winning product.

Engine + Fuel is far lighter than Electric motor + batteries…

Weight is the enemy of high performance car…

I ask, do pigs fly.

If they are plugged into a supercharger, then yes 😉

Here’s the vegetarian version. Can the orange eat the apple for breakfast? 😉

That makes no sense at all 🙂
And flying pigs is perfectly compatible with being a vegetarian. Just because they fly doesn’t mean I eat them.

If the Detroit Electric ever sees the light of day, it would compete with the Tesla Roadster.

They won’t so why even mention them. Pure vaporware scam.

how do you compete with an exact copy/knock off

I expect detroit electric will be for sale, the price is just so high that noone will buy it.
And the company will fold like the other misguided attempts.

I knew a lot of people in Europe driving BMW. For a lot of them the BMW badge and status that goes along with it is more important than the actual qualities of the car.

They are NOT in the same category.

One is a performance coupe, the other is a Sports Sedan.

The Performance coupe is lighter and should be better in handling department.

Straight line acceleration is ONLY 1 part of the performance car spec….

Of course, what do you expect from Bloomberg? What does a news agency know about engineering trade off in cars?