Video: Bjorn Drives Tesla Model S on the Green Highway from Norway to Sweden


The now-famous Bjorn Nyland has uploaded his latest Tesla Model S YouTube video.

The Green Highway

The Green Highway

“This time I go to a Tesla gathering in Trondheim and drive the Green Highway which goes from Trondheim to Sundsvall.”

In typical Bjorn style, there’s some humor added in and, as we’ve come to expect from Bjorn, the entire length of the video is worth watching.

Bjorn even points out some of the “issues” he’s encountering with his Model S..  A leaky window is one of the problems.  Slow-moving traffic is a constant issue, too.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

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This shows the strength of Tesla in winter conditions. Wow.. Meetup concept is super good.

And some weaknesses 😛 But it’s great that Norway is their top market outside the US because it will help Tesla to find all the kinks and weaknesses in cold weather and snowy conditions fast.
And with the hot weather conditions more close by (California, Texas etc.) I’m sure it will manage all conditions perfectly soon.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that this is their first ever model that they have built from scratch.

From the looks of the grey weather in the pictures, the “Green Highway” is about as green in color as “Greenland” is….

Beautiful during the summer… depressing as hell during the winter…

Ha! He just barely crossed the border, in Storlien! He didn’t go to Ostersund, let alone Sundsvall, which apparently doesn’t have a DC charger yet. Stopping in Storlien just on the other side of the border, is like crossing into Canada from Michigan and stopping in Windsor.

In reality he just wanted a reason to cross the border to buy meat and cigarettes… 😛 Maybe even a pizza and some butter 🙂

Also, why is his car only charging at ~18kW at a 22kW station? The car clearly says 26A/32A and the manual setting is set to 26A. Is that as high as the twin-charger Model S goes in EU? 22kW would be 230V x 3ph x 32A.