Video: Believe It or Not – Tesla CEO Elon Musk is “Actually Human”


Is he not the indestructible Iron Man that we all thought?

Musk is Human - Just Like Iron Man Is

Musk is Human – Just Like Iron Man Is

Breakingviews’ columnist recently discussed Tesla Motors’ shareholders’ unrealistic expectations for the entrepreneurial darling” and for Elon Musk’s other company, SolarCity and concluded that the results are solid, but that Elon Musk is a mere mortal, like all the rest of us.

Musk can’t escape reality, because it turns out that he’s “actually human,” says Breakingviews.  Who would have guessed?

The TSLA stock drop that occurred after Tesla announced its Q3 results and continued after reports of the third Model S fire could not be stopped by Elon Musk.  Only a non-human apparently could have ended the slide immediately.

Musk himself has stated that TSLA is overvalued, so we’d guess he’s more comfortable with where the stock price is now, as compared to the near $200-mark it hit awhile back.

Takeaway point: Elon Musk is “actually human.”  He’s not an otherworldly creature capable of acts beyond our imagination.  Relax fellas…he’s human.

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9 responses to "Video: Believe It or Not – Tesla CEO Elon Musk is “Actually Human”"
  1. Chris O says:

    All experts were unanimous that it’s not humanly possible to start a new carcompany from scratch in this day and age. So if Musk succeeds -and so far that seems entirely possible- than it would appear we are in fact dealing with an “otherworldly creature capable of acts beyond our imagination”.

  2. Jouni Valkonen says:

    I always thought that Elon is a Martian who stranded on Earth. Therefore he had to start his biggest company from growth potential, SpaceX, in order to get back to Mars around 2027.

    If Tesla and SolarCity disrupts the car and energy markets, even then SpaceX will be the bigger player on a long term. Solar system is just bigger place than Earth.

  3. Anon says:

    It’s always interesting to see how other humans react, when one of them actually utilizes their full potental to influene the rest of humanity in a positive way…

    To those who lamely try to chip away at the heels of those destined for greatness, I say– “Sour grapes, much?”

  4. vdiv says:

    What separates humans from other animals is that we are actually capable of altering our reality. Unfortunately we often do so in a negative way and are massively destructive. What Musk has shown us is that we can in fact do so in a positive way.

    He doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be super human. None of us do 🙂

    We just have to follow our dreams and realize just like Musk has that we can’t do it all alone.

  5. Dan Frederiksen says:

    He is of course quite human. With many limitations although being timid isn’t one of them.
    He feels the fear but he just powers on. And that’s his strength and root of his success. Of course with some significant intelligence to execute some technical matters.
    But he has many blind spots. Contrary to popular belief he doesn’t actually know what he is doing.
    Remember he blamed Eberhard and lost the lawsuit for slander.
    He blamed Fisker, sued and lost.
    From what I can tell he was actually the reason for the high expense on the roadster program. Elon doesn’t back down from cost. He just does it with faith that the cost side will work out. In part because his reasoning is as simple as what car he would like for himself as a rich man and then does that with no regard for cost or viability 🙂
    He has 5 kids so he made a 7 seater car.. He liked the Aston Martin Rapide so he made the design a copy. He likes a conventional luxury car so he made it like that and ended up at 2.1ton and losing money on each car despite average selling price of 100k$.
    TSLA has been at the brink more than once and bailed out each time. Had it not been for the ZEV credits putting the company into an illusion of profitability things would have looked VERY different right now. The stock would never have shot up above 100, they would not have been able to raise the billion they did as a result. Instead it would look like TSLA was stuck in perpetual big losses with no outlook for change and the stock would have suffered greatly. And no billion to wash away the debt and losses.
    He doesn’t understand the significance of optimization of weight, aerodynamics or cost.
    He doesn’t know what he is doing but he’s impressively undaunted.
    He didn’t know what he was doing when he asked Talulah Riley to marry him after a week, making her a live-in maid for his 5 kids while he was away. Nor did she know what she was doing 🙂 A young sexy playful girl with an acting career doesn’t want that.

    He seems to have a decent grasp on the necessity for optimization in rocketry with spacex but he isn’t seeing the big picture. Rocketry has no future and Nasa has always been a lie. Because of course ET ships come and go to this world and the people behind the curtain of course knows that. As long as he doesn’t wake up to that fact he will essentially be a tragedy, spacex with have been a joke. And if they decide to kill him because he’s an increasing risk to their secrecy then it will be an actual tragedy.
    In case you think that’s ridiculous, here’s US astronaut Gordon Cooper telling you that it’s quite real
    And FAA division chief John Callahan
    and those are drops in the ocean of evidence.
    US astronaut Edgar Mitchell also concurs.

    1. Jouni Valkonen says:

      Dan, Tesla is not losing money with Model S, but actually they have already 21 % gross margins and this is projected to improve in Q4. These are highest gross margins in industry for mass produced cars.

      I guess that you do not understand how capitalism work. In capitalism, there cannot be long term growth without investing and right now rapidly growing Tesla needs all their revenue for investing into growth.

      Tesla must build global supercharging, service and sales network and at the same time it must develop Model X and AWD Model S and it just started developing Model E. And most importantly on short term Tesla must invest on scaling up the Model S production. And there is also the gigafactory issue under consideration, but hopefully government will guarantee loan for this. All this demands huge amounts of capital, so Tesla cannot be profitable for at least another decade.

    2. Jouni Valkonen says:

      And one more thing, Tesla is not heavy. It is no more heavy than its direct competitors BMW M5 (2000 kg) or Mercedes S550 (2200 kg). But actually Model S P85+ is faster on track than S550. Premius sedans tend to weight 2000 kg (ICE or EV), but therefore they have more than 300 horsepowers.

    3. Mercedes-Benz says:

      so many words, TL;DR

    4. Mint says:

      I have never read so much ignorance in one post on insideevs.

      Elon knew exactly what he is doing with the the Model S.

      He created a luxury car because that segment leverages all the strengths of EV tech. Going from a 100hp motor to a 400hp motor has FAR lower incremental cost than with ICEs. Luxury car buyers want a smooth, refined engine, hence V8s and V12s over turbo V6s. They want a quiet ride, hence all the effort to minimize NVH. They want the car to soak up bumps, and enjoy the safety benefits of crushing the car they hit in case of an accident, i.e. heavy cars are fine. They want room.

      It is not shaped like a Rapide simply because he liked it. That shape is called a fastback, and everyone loves it. Elon chose it because EVs can make that shape more usable than any car with a 400hp+ ICE, transmission, and RWD. The Rapide, 6 series, CLS, E coupe, Panamera, etc are all 2+2 cars, because that’s all automakers could do with the fastback shape.

      No other vehicle class leverages all of an EV’s biggest strengths like a luxury fastback sports sedan. It’s not a coincidence that Elon targeted this first. Next comes the SUV, because small motor size lets them do high performance AWD in a minimal volume.

      As for SpaceX, I don’t get why you are so fixated on NASA. They get a ton of business from communication companies in the private sector. Last year they said 60% of upcoming launches were commercial. Their goal is to take marketshare from China/Russia in a growing industry, and they’re succeeding.