Video: “Behind the Scenes” of the BMW i8 Reveal


Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of an automotive reveal?

For Some Reason, Vests Are Always Required "Behind the Scenes"

For Some Reason, Safety Vests Are Always Required “Behind the Scenes”

Don’t you want to know what went into getting the BMW i8 onto the stage at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show without it being seen by the public?

None of that’s included in this BMW i8 “Behind the Scenes” video released by BMW.

Instead, BMW saw fit to make a move trailer-like video of the i8, complete with what we assume to be paid actors in safety vests.

In all honesty, when we stumbled upon this video we were a bit disappointed in that it didn’t show the actual behind-the-scenes footage.

But it’s flashy and flashy catches your eye and keeps you engaged.  We’re no longer disappointed.


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