Video: BBC Newsnight Full Interview With Tesla CEO Elon Musk


Last week, we posted on the BBC Newsnight interview with Elon Musk in which the CEO of Tesla Motors discussed the whole Top Gear snafu.

Just Missing That Tiny Bit

Just Missing That Tiny Bit

This week, the full version of that interview hit our YouTube radar.

It’s 6-plus minutes of Elon Musk discussing Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal and some more of that Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear shenanigans.

This particular interview took place after the opening of Tesla’s first store in London (which is store #2 in the UK, a market that Tesla will enter with force in 2014).



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“Mark my words. Solar will be the single largest energy producer in the UK, long term” – Elon Musk

(consider them marked)

Well . . . long term could be well after our deaths.

Well I’m convinced. I already was since I drive a LEAF, but it’s nice to see someone as intelligent as him getting some airtime on the mainstream media in the UK.

They should have done the 0-60 dash in the Model S too to put paid to the slightly snidely word ‘claimed’ in the intro.

The two Elon Musk quotes from the interview that I find thought-provoking:

“You want to do projects that are inspiring and that make people excited about the future. Life’s got to be about more than just solving problems. You want to get up in the morning and say ‘Yes, I am looking forward to that thing happening.'”

“History fundamentally bifurcates in one of two directions. Either we are multi-planet species out there exploring the stars, or we are a single planet species waiting around for some eventual extinction event.”

It’s amazing that most people probably don’t subconsciously know that second statement to be true. We might have problems now but they are nothing compared to what will happen if we don’t establish off the planet. It really should have been job number 1 for the last 40 years.