Video: Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang Hits Dyno; Results Will Shock You


We’ve all been longing for the day when the world’s most efficient electric vehicle got strapped down for a true dyno pull.

Well, that day is upon us now and the results are absolutely shocking.

Barbie Spins the Drums

Barbie Spins the Drums

This thing packs so much torque that the straps holding it in place quickly become maxed and, well, the event ends in disaster.

Interested in buying this pink beauty?  It’ll only set you back $269, but range might be an issue at 7.5 miles with a single 3-year-old passenger on board or just 2.5 miles with two tikes in there.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Barbie Mustang Ride-On Specs:

  • Features 2 speeds: 2.5 and 5 mph forward; 2.5 mph in reverse
  • Drives on both hard and grass surfaces
  • Power Wheels Barbie Mustang features realistic styling
  • Premium interior details
  • Chrome badges
  • New rims and spoiler
  • Sound box with three pre-recorded songs
  • Lights flash and blink on the sound box
  • Barbie ride-on horn works when button is pressed
  • Adjustable bench-style seat
  • Power Wheels Barbie Mustang includes one cup holder
  • Fisher-Price Barbie Mustang ride-on requires three AA batteries (not included)
  • Power Wheels Barbie Mustang requires one 12-volt battery (included)
  • AC power charger is included
  • Initial charge time is 18 – 30 hours
  • Run time on a full charge is 1 to 3 hours (depending on the driver’s weight and riding terrain)
  • Fisher-Price Barbie Mustang ride-on requires approximately 60 minutes to assemble

Source: You Tube via AutoBlog

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6 Comments on "Video: Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang Hits Dyno; Results Will Shock You"

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Eric Cote

That video is absolutely hilarious, haha!

David Murray

I suspected this was some kind of fake or a joke from the beginning. I mean seriously, you could see that those hard plastic tires could barely get traction to back up onto the dyno. What makes you think they’d have the traction to spin the dyno?

On the other hand, those tires should have excellent low rolling resistance properties.


Is this Ford’s answer to the Twizzy?


This just made my weekend – thanks for sharing!

Jay Cole

Once again, we prove we are only interested in the serious, no nonsense pieces about the EV business around here.

Rep +1

George B

Awesome! 🙂