Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck Revealed: 500-Mile Range, Tows 35,000 Pounds


Might there be a competitor for the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck?

Atlis Motor Vehicle company is a new-ish name on the scene, but its soon to break out after this news.

Atlis says its XT electric pickup truck is among the most capable trucks to ever be revealed. According to the automaker, the truck can be configured to go up to 500 miles on electric by selecting the largest battery pack.

In addition to the long range, the towing capacity is impressive at up to 35,000 pounds. The payload is listed at up to 5,000 pounds, which is equally high.

Atlis XT is considered a full-size truck and, unlike with the Rivian R1T, a 6.5 or 8-foot bed can be selected. Clearly then, this is a larger truck than Rivian’s. Its 8-lug wheel design suggests it’s a heavy-hauler too.

Configurations & Options

With this being a proper truck, there are all sorts of configurations. For example, depending on how it’s configured, the Atlis XT has a conventional towing ability between 5,000 – 20,000 lbs. The truck has a 5th-wheel tailoring capacity of between 10,000 – 35,000 lbs. Payload capacities would range between 1,000 – 5,000 lbs.

There’s a standard crew cab with a shorter bed that offers standard air suspension (independent at all four corners) with 12 inches of ground clearance. But for more extreme use, there’s a special “off-road” version with long travel suspension and 15 inches of clearance.

A dually is reportedly planned too and this would be the heaviest hauler of them all.

Like with Rivian, multiple battery pack sizes will be offered. Atlis says the shortest range XT will still go 300 miles. Other options are for 400 miles of range and the aforementioned 500-mil max range version. Recharging is claimed to take only 15 minutes, though specs and details on this have not been released.

As for performance, 0 to 60 MPH is achieved in 5 seconds. However, even a fully loaded Atlis XT can still accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 18 seconds. Atlis uses what it calls its XP platform on the XT. This setup utilizes 4-independent electric motors, one for each well. So, it’s 4WD then.

The interior is rather luxurious looking and can set up to 6 individuals in total.

Ordering & Additional Info

Though far from reality right now (funding is still not fully secured), Atlis says it hopes to launch the XT sometime in 2020. No pricing information is available at this time though.

Reserve your Atlis XT electric pickup truck here

Check out images, video and the press blast from Atlis below:

Atlis XT

8 photos



The XT Pickup is everything you expect in a truck: it’s rugged, it’s durable, it can perform in the most extreme conditions. It’s also designed to maximize passenger comfort, storage and usability. Meet the 100% electric Atlis XT.









We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way we configure and purchase pickup trucks. Say goodbye to packages and classes. When you purchase your XT Pickup Truck, choose the vehicle features and capabilities that meet your needs.


A quick charging vehicle for those that have busy schedules and need to keep going with minimal downtime. For the best performance charge your vehicle at an Atlis Motor Vehicles Advanced Charging station. It takes just 15 minutes. Or choose to connect to another charging station of your choice.

Choose your driving range: 300 miles, 400 miles, or 500 miles. All ranges are based on an unloaded truck, with no cargo or trailer weights






We use a unique air sprung suspension design with dynamic damping capabilities that adjusts to the vehicle load. This allows us to deliver a consistent and comfortable experience, every time. Final capabilities and options will vary. We are designing for a vehicle capable of towing up to 35,000 lb GCWR, up a 6% grade while maintaining 65mph (dually version).

Single rear wheel (SRW) and Dual rear wheel (DRW or dually) options available.

120 MPH

5 Sec
0-60 MPH

18 Sec








Enjoy the best traction control on the market. The XT Pickup independently controls power delivery and braking to each wheel, leveraging four independent drive motors with direct drive to each wheel.


With air springs and an independent rear suspension, the Atlis Motor Vehicles ensures that heavy loads are properly leveled, while providing the utmost in ride comfort.

Standard: Air spring with dynamic load damping and 12-inches of ground clearance

Optional: Off-road long travel suspension with 15-inches of ground clearance
* Off-road long travel suspension unavailable with higher towing and payload options


The XT Pickup offers the largest usable front-trunk storage area ever. It’s capable of handling two large suitcases, your groceries, tool boxes, and beyond. With air springs and independent front suspension, the XT Pickup lowers for easy loading and unloading, while remaining level when in motion.


With side cameras replacing the conventional wing mirrors, the Atlis XT has superior viewing angles allowing you to stay in total control of your surroundings.

With screens either side of your steering wheel, the screens are large and provide a high quality video feed.


Side-view mirror driver assistance
Backup camera with corner peak

Trailer hookup assist camera

Fifth wheel and gooseneck hookup assist camera

Forward-facing camera for parking assist



We’ll provide ongoing updates to our autonomous vehicle capabilities until we have reached Level 5 autonomous vehicle capabilities.

Standard: Level 1 driver assistance with adaptive cruise control.

Optional: Advanced adaptive cruise as well as parking and lane keeping assistance.

Future: Advanced autonomous capabilities


A center-mounted digital touch screen will serve as the hub for vehicle settings, heating and cooling, and infotainment with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Use its physical rotary knob to make fast commands and quickly change settings.

The dash instrumentation will be a multi-split digital touch screen displaying all live vehicle information, including live video feeds from the standard driver assistance cameras.

The unique UI behind the wheel ensures the user is in complete control and allows for various customization. This creates a personal connection as you will be able to create an aesthetic you want.



Front : 40/20/40 split bench seat

Rear: 40/20/40 split bench seat with 60/40 fold

Standard cloth seats with optional leather packages

Standard vinyl interior with the option to upgrade to carpet.





Own the next generation of pickup trucks. The 100% electric Atlis Motor Vehicles XT.

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A solid electric truck will be a game changer for EV’s in the USA. Nothing will spur mass adoptation of EV’s more violently.

Not to be a downer, but this seems highly impossible. Since I can’t find any information on anyone who actually works for this company, I went to their career webpage and this is the full text: “Join us. We’re always looking for bright minds to join our journey. ​ Email and tell us about yourself. Please include your resume, and: Where do you think the future of automobiles is headed? How do you think electrification plays a role? If you could fix one thing about a vehicle, what would it be and why? If applying for a technical role, tell us how you would build a better system then what exists today. What components would you use, what would be some of the technical goals of the program? How would you ensure you can meet those goals?​ ​ We can’t wait to hear from you! Current openings Thank you for your interest in Atlis Motor Vehicles. We do not have any job openings at the moment. Please come back again later.” That’s the recruiting webpage of a company that either hasn’t hired their 100th person yet and never intends to. The entire website betrays the technical prowess of a… Read more »

Yeah, I just got done going through their site.
I really think that what they are posting is exactly what the truck market needs, and I love their XP platform.

BUT, everything on this reminds me of faraday or lucid and maybe less.
I am guessing that they are not for real.
If they are, they really need to approach some rich Americans and get them to buy into this.
Heck, they could easily take over the GM Ohio plant and start building VERY quickly.

Good investigation

The webpage doesn’t look like something someone’s nephew threw together over the weekend to me. Far from it.

Doesn’t mean this is for real, I wonder if the pictures are of a prototype vehicle or just CGI. The only thing we can be really sure about is that this won’t be available in 2020.

The pictures are CGI.

I just feel like the website itself doesn’t seem in line with a company on the verge of producing a technological miracle. For scale, both the Model X and the Model 3 each required several billion in R&D alone and thousands of seasoned engineers. I would seriously question whether there are enough rouge automotive engineers in the entire country to actually make this vehicle a reality. It’s not exactly easy for the established automakers to even make modest ICE pickups.

I would seriously question whether the CGI was done in-house too.

By the time Model S launched Tesla had raised less than $400M.

GM launched the Volt program for $1B. Any startup worth their salt will be able to do it for less than a lumbering Giant.

It doesn’t take billions.

I don’t think those numbers are accurate. The DOE loan Tesla took out alone was $465 million plus the IPO, private investments and assorted other debt. Also, as lovely as it was, the initial Model S was not the technological miracle this company is claiming to be able to produce just 4 years after the company came into existence.

You have to build up to these things. If they are really capable from going from where they are right now to production of this vehicle by next year, they should be promoting their alien-based replicator technologies rather than a pick up. The market for that is way bigger.

I usually agree with you but in this case, that website is just pretty pictures and an aspirational power point presentation. I think they dropped the “s” from 2020s.

They announced the 75T BEV concept a year ago and they are out of Mesa, AZ. They employ: Mark Hanchett, Amber Olson, Greg Hassler, and Ross Compton.

Thanks! Is that their entire employee list?

Having worked in tech startups for 40 years I can say that this isn’t unusual. Quite often some collection of folks from various companies will work together on a startup but keep their identities private until they are ready to leave their current employer which is often not until they have go-ahead funding.

There is nothing that I have seen that gives any indication of future failure (or success) of Atlis.

Agreed, this whole thing is a fantasy.

If this truck actually gets produced in any real numbers, it’s a go for me…..
Also, I am interested in knowing how large the battery is, and what the range will be like when it’s fully loaded(I am sure a truck this size will have at least a 250kWh battery for 500 mile range, and I am quite sure the range won’t be 500 miles if it’s towing a 35,000lb gooseneck)

Of course the range is without towing anything. Just like gas mileage in your truck is specified without a trailer.

This is what I think is really needed. A real truck for truck lovers. It looks like a real truck, not an emoji like the Rivian does. Sadly no prices, so likely way beyond what most real truck lovers would be willing to spend and without funding, this very well may remain CG vaporware like it is now. Love the nose gate idea though! Vivian totally missed this opportunity. On the other hand, Rivian’s interior design is way, way nicer.

If this gets out: Ford is D-E-A-D.

Ford seriously needs to bring it.

Depends on the price. I suspect it will be quite high. but it is nice to see a real work truck instead of just high end luxury for show truck.

Youtube Channel Now You Know interviewed the founder of Atlis. He said base Crew Cab would start at $45k. If they can’t do it for that they won’t go ahead. That is the ASP for full size trucks these days. No Work Truck Special but not a base price of a King Ranch Edition either.

So is GM

This is definitely going to be expensive, at least initially, but $80K trucks are not such a rarity on the roads. The likes of Rivian, Atlas, Bollinger etc. may be able to ride Tesla’s coattails, starting market penetration from the high end.

Lots of truck buyers getting $65k trucks. Average pickup is something like $45k.

If they can keep it below 60K they could not keep up with production

It says $45k online.

The video, and their site DOES have a price…you just need to learn to read.

If the reliability in e-trucks is as good as the cars these vehicles will save you a ton of money just in GASOLINE. Have been driving electric since 2004 (converted Geo Metro, now a 2013 Leaf).

hang in there man, someday you’ll get a good one.

How much?

If it were to be a reality, the answer would be- all of it. Bentley prices, or higher, but since it’s still vaporware and deposit bait, I’d guess- “Starting around $60,000”.

If you watch the video, they open the Atlis start engine investor page, and it shows a planned base price of $45k.

More impossible lies.

Just the fact that these other companies (Rivian, Altis) are showing their *potential* trucks is putting huge pressure on Ram, Ford, GM because a consumer bar is being set – whether or not these two companies deliver. Same as like Elon showing off the semi & roadster 2.0 early – it raises the bar for future plans by the big 3!! LOVE IT!!! I hope Rivian and Altis can succeed. I like the look of the Altis better than the Rivian right now.

Altis is a nobody. Look at thier career page

I have not seen any plans from Ford or GM making ev trucks

That doesn’t mean much. If they have such plans, they surely aren’t showing them, since they need to avoid the Osborne Effect…

The chief engineer for the Colorado from GM said they designed it with all drivetrains in mind. From ICE to full BEV.

Swiss army knives can do a lot of things, but they can’t do any of them particularly well.

Compelling BEVs are designed from the ground up; they aren’t compromise vehicles.

While the argument may (or may not be) accurate for cars, it’s even less accurate for body on frame vehicles, which is what pickups are. The cab is going to be almost idential on both vehicles, except for the front, which could easily be converted into a frunk (neither Atlis or Rivian are showing cab forward designs, instead using the old engine bay as a frunk).

The Chassis itself on a truck is a pretty basic structure and could itself be easily modified/swapped out. It’s essentially already a skateboard design.

In other words, the batteries go between the frame rails, without affecting interior space.

I guess we have to let them go.
We can’t wish them to do what they won’t do.

def more vaporware than rivian, but if they push rivian to share more info, still a good thing.

I know, right? LOLOL.

Yeah – at least Rivian has 1 of each of their models……..TWO total!

Rivian also has an auto assembly plant. That puts them one up on all the EV startups except Tesla… which isn’t really a startup anymore.

I fully expect Rivian to start making and selling their trucks within a couple of years. Most of the rest of the EV startups in N. America and Europe… I wouldn’t take any bets about them actually entering production. (Karma excluded; they are selling the Revero… altho reportedly not many of them.)

Having a plant doesn’t mean much, until it’s actually fully equipped to start production. SF Motors has a plant. Lucid has a plant IIRC. Even Faraday Future has a plant…

I’m going to stand on my assertion here. Neither Faraday Future or Lucid have an auto assembly plant. FF’s empty lot doesn’t equal a factory, nor do Lucid’s plans for having one.

But thanks for the heads-up re SF Motors. I see they do indeed have an auto assembly plant, so that’s a company I need to keep an eye on.

Suddenly everyone with a CAD package and a render program (and not much else) is “unveiling” an electric car or truck.

Reminds me of certain wannabe PC makers in the early 80’s. Put up a photo in a magazine and hope you get enough pre-orders to actually build one.

Exactly correct, and this is not only looking for pre-orders but actually an attempt to raise money ala Kickstarter, using to try to raise money to build a prototype. Not that I’m opposed to crowdfunding but breaking into the auto market is a big dollar venture that needs more than a some renders of a prototype truck.

They’re not taking money for pre-orders, and the crowdfunding isn’t like kickstarter at all, it’s buying shares in the company. All products start with CAD design, a lot of it, not following why people think doing CAD work is a bad thing. Automobiles have enormous amounts of engineering in them.

CAD work is not a bad thing. But when it’s all someone has to show, call it a “Proposal”. Don’t call it a “Reveal” When a company can pull the covers off a driving prototype, that’s a “Reveal”.

There were a lot of PC makers and a lot of sales.
Ford better buy that CAD package soon.

Like I said Ford looks to be $1 a share soon, followed by GM 2 years later.

Yes. Basically somebody looked at all the BEV pickup truck concepts including he jokish Tesla one and said- no, no, no, that’s not what truck buyers want and went to the computer and whipped up a truck “manufacturer”.

It is useful though as I think this rendering gives the most accurate version to date as to what would actually get traditional pickup buyers excited. I know this to be a fact because a friend of mine that scoffs at Tesla and others saw this, thought it was a real upcoming vehicle including their outrageous performance claims and was ready to sign up. This is NOT a “tech” guy, or EV fan. He’s a ICE lover of the highest order and owns both a Mercedes and a Ferrari repair shops as well as damn near every form of motorized vehicle there is. This concept tickled hie fancy and he could afford it.

If I were Rivian, I would look closely at what has been done here and consider revising their designs.

Keep in mind those images, as pretty and realistic as they look, are not pictures of an actual prototype but just computer generated graphics. As far as I can tell these people appear to be several years behind Rivian in their ability to deliver any production vehicles. But I wish them well and I hope they can raise enough money for that first full scale prototype.

“Funding has not been secured.” Hmmm, where’d that truck in the photo come from then? Or is it a photo? “Recharge in 15 minutes.” With what, direct connection to a power station? Got to be at least twice the battery size of a Tesla S. Nothing available now to charge it at that rate. “10 year warranty” (stated on their website). They are going to supply servicing. Sounds to me like someone looked at what Tesla has done, combined that with what people dream of in an electric pickup, extended it even further, and said this is what we are going to do, without having done anything. Let me know when they have a factory turning out at least a few thousand per year.

Exactly. I can do rendering of ev truck and make a website and wait for the preorders to come in.

They are talking about dedicated charging stations to get the full rate… (It’s certainly not possible with standard CCS stations.)

Of course, given the early startup status, we have to take all their claims with a whole lot of salt.

This is cool, but they are a long, long way from production. If an OEM was smart, they would swoop up them or Rivian, maybe through their venture arm.

Anyone else see that recent article how GM makes $17k profit on each Silverado? Getting ahold of tech like this (or Rivian’s) would be a good hedge on continued future profits, since the OEMs can’t or won’t do this themselves.

Swoop them up because they rendered some images of a truck? They have no “tech” or anything else, including money to build a prototype.

At least they have a good 3D artist… 😉

What „tech“?
AFAIK they hove nothing. Nothing.

Total vaporware. Its telling people what they want to hear then asking for money. 15 minute charge on a large battery just isnt feasible.

4C cells can charge in 15 minutes no matter how many you put in a pack.

Nobody is deploying 1 MW chargers, though.

Atlis’ FAQ talks about 1.5 MW.

Does anybody make an EV automobile which charges at 4C on a daily basis, with a battery pack which will last for 8+ years?

I’m willing to be told I’m wrong, but this doesn’t seem realistic to me. Atlis is talking like they have figured out the magic formula for doing that, but when asked how, they just say “It’s not really that difficult”. I don’t find that convincing at all. That reads like they figured out something that looks good on paper, but haven’t tested it.

Not sure about 4C — but the Spark EV was not too far from that; and the Ioniq isn’t that far either… And that’s with air cooling. Porsche is also claiming a similar rate. Indeed it’s a pretty normal charge rate for PHEV cells. I totally agree with the claim that it’s not that difficult…

The trade-off is of course in energy density. (And thus driving dynamics, efficiency, and price.)

The RC crowd has been using 10C cells for years. I’m sure EV’s will get there eventually.

The tiny battery packs used in RC models, and the small ones in e-bikes, can certainly be charged much more quickly than the ones in a typical passenger car EV. I’m not talking about small or tiny battery packs, I’m talking about larger ones.

I have charged as high as 5c on my hobby packs, but life is maybe 100 cycles, often less. They get replaced every 6 months to a year due to degradation. Not an option for car sized packs. They have to take several 1000 cycles and have years of life.

Ultra cap bank????

Ultracapacitors have a very low energy density. You’d have to have to tow a large trailer to store as much energy as in a typical BEV’s battery pack.

Stop at a charge station with 200 miles range remaining and add another 200 in 30 minutes. Enough time for pie and coffee with a restroom break.

Now that is a truck! 6’ bed or bigger is mandatory. Hope this gets made. First to market with a “truck” gets my business.

This would be simple for Ford to build as well. One truck the size of an F150 the next the size of an F350. Done. They have these skateboard packs and all of the independent wheel motors they can pu into their current trucks. Not too defficult for Ford if they are interested. Which we have yet to see.

April 1st came early this year.
$45k for 300 mile range in a large vehicle? Yeah right.

Perhaps 45k doesn’t include the battery at all – then it seems doable, doesn’t it?

By the time this could realistically get to market (which surely isn’t 2020…), that price point should actually be perfectly plausible…

Maybe it’s 45k down payment!

Seems too good to be true, but when you look at their production forecast of 100 in 2020, 1000 in 2012 and around 30,000 in 2025 then it may well be.

I would assume they would do similar to Tesla and produce the most expensive vehicles first, so the $45k “base” model would probably be in production in 4-5 years…!

Love to be proved wrong though!

First off, why does it say ‘assembled in USA’????
Secondly, if this truck is for real, when it hits the market, it will do a LOT of damage to ICE trucks.
This one is not made for rich goat ropers. This is made for ppl that need to work.

What to go Atlis.

Somebody who actually uses a pickup truck needs to talk to their PR people. Neither Rivian nor Atlis mention bed dimensions. Most truck buyers need to know bed length, width, sidewall height, if it has a flat floor, etc. For most of us, a pickup truck that can’t haul a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood is useless. Realizing that these will probably never haul materials to a job site, how about whether or not it will hold a four-wheeler, motorcycle, surfboard, etc..

They mention bed dimensions on the website, 6.5ft long and can hold a 4×8 sheet of plywood flat. 8′ bed available. Beds are pretty standard in height, nobody looks at that dimension.

Also Rivian mentions dimensions too, they’re bed is only like 4.5ft, which is shorter than the one on a Subaru Brat.

Yeah, but think about how many Brats it can haul?

Yup. The bed on Rivian’s truck is really too small to call it a pickup. I’d call it an SUT, like the Honda Ridgeline.

Half of the truck buyers only need the bed dimensions to know what bed liner to order on Amazon that will never be scratched or loaded with for a sheet of plywood.

I see more & more of these fake ‘reveals’ popping up every other day at InsideEV & I think InsideEV is using their CADs to generate this utter nonsense to keep us reading their EV garbage ad nauseam. STOP IT ALREADY!!!! Just give us the FACTS…ma’m!!

Inside EVs didn’t make this web site:

Oh yeah I remember this truck: the one that can recharge 500 miles in 10 seconds.

They supposedly were looking for help with their 1000 kw or 1500 kw charging station.

It doesn’t matter what you remember. Ferries already charge at 1.2MW their 400kwh, 500kwh, 900kwh battery packs, and they couldn’t care less.

The fact that you got 6 plus votes so far is extremely illuminating to me….and not in any good way.

What a brain-dead comment – ferries and buses are just slightly larger than a personal vehicle. They also cost a wee bit more than the average person can afford.

This will go over your head, but the expense is amortized over long periods of time, plus they transport MANY people per day.

The size of the battery, and the size of the recharging facility when measured on a per user basis is extremely low.

If the battery pack has as large a capacity as 400 kWh or more, then even 1.2 MW charging isn’t that high a C rate. That is, it’s not charging that fast relative to the capacity of the pack, which is what matters.

If a BEV pickup had a 100 kWh battery pack, then charging at 1.2 MW would be 4x the C rate as the smallest ferry pack you cite. 4x the C rate means 4x the stress on the battery pack, and 4x the heating from charging… in a pack with a much smaller heat sink!

And to echo what Bill said, the fact that the comment I’m responding to got 6 up-votes is a sad commentary on how many readers don’t understand the technical issues.


Ron Swanson's Mustache

In my head you sound like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


They have absolutely nothing.

They want money.

They just tell people what they want to hear.

This is a scam.

By that metric, most crowdfunding campaigns would qualify as scams…

Most crowdfunding have a prototype or a demo

Most crowdfunding campaigns in my personal experience end up being pretty fruitless. Luckily the strategy of over-promising and under-delivering seems to be a pretty successful strategy in the EV space at least for Elon… just say’n. The one thing Atlis might do is help slow down ICE truck sales while normal buyers wait for practical electric trucks like this design to come to market. Plenty of potential car buyers on the sidelines watching EV car development right now but same can’t be said for trucks. Rivian, with it’s “social justice warrior” themed adventure vehicle (not really a truck), will not likely have the deep conventional truck market penetration that a design like the Altis would.

Rivian is starting to look a whole lot better now..

This can be the truck that can sell in fleets in large number then Robison outsy truck

Post and comments from its website is reminding all of us of faraway futures

I’m looking forward to seeing a working prototype.

Ford can just Fund this and add it to thier lineup

Not really, because it would cannibalize their F-series sales so severely they’ll go bankrupt.

Why would Ford care if they were still buying Fords?

Same reason BMW made the i3 a little weird looking, they wanted to attract people who wouldn’t otherwise buy a BMW while not harming their existing (more profitable) sales. New models of vehicles are supposed to attract new customers, while making just enough tweaks to existing models to keep sales up. That being said, between Toyota, Ford, GM, or Dodge whichever brings the first EV full size truck to market first will be cannibalizing the least of their own customers for the most cross shoppers.

We’re talking frame-on-body vehicles, so all Atlis would need to contribute is a drivetrain that fits inside the existing F-series frame rails. Everything else would be Ford.

“Recharging is claimed to take only 15 minutes, though specs and details on this have not been released.”

This has me highly skeptical. They have doubled down on their claim of a 15 minute charge for the main battery pack, and they claim daily charging at that rate won’t reduce its lifespan.

I see from previous comments that there are other reasons to think this may be another “All hat and no cattle” startup.

Well, we will see. Here’s hoping Atlis proves our doubts to be unfounded. If they can actually produce such a fast-charging truck at a competitive price, then more power to them — literally! 🙂

Reminds me of Fisker. At least they didn’t mention supercaps!

I’m not sure Atlis’ claim that “You can fully charge it in 15 minutes, and do that every time” is much more plausible.

I’d be more impressed if this wasn’t actually an alt-Kickstarter campaign as opposed to a real company with at least some funding already.

Who is supplying the batteries for these large battery packs? Has an order been placed to secure enough of a supply, to get meaningful production, of some test mules for truck validation?

If using off-the-shelf cells, there is absolutely no need to place an advance order for the amount needed in a couple of prototypes. (Or even a low-volume production run in fact.)

The photo’s don’t look real to me. Teflon tires, nothing sticks? Did they clean the tires before every photo shot?

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Yup and not a single tread imprint left in the dust (although plenty from other vehicles).
Needs someone to visit the design center and factory before I’ll be a believer in more than their photoshop chops.

Atlis have been posting images and invitations to invest all over FB for the past year, always feels like a to good to be true story phishing for your money.
Would love them to be a genuine company (like Bollinger or Rivian) but until a reporter gets invited to see their work, I’ll not be expecting anything to appear.

I got my money back from the 3 wheel car guts

I remember a small car company that was looking for reservations just in the past couple of years. They were a three wheel company and claimed their little cars could get 85 mpg. Well? Where are they now? I don’t trust start ups until they’re actually selling something. Never ‘reserve’ from these companies. A fool and their money are soon parted. And no, I didn’t reserve one of those cars either.

Reserve yours today, just like Elio and their $7000 80MPG car that no one will ever see. I’m done laying down deposits on a promise. If this ever hits the market and it’s not ridiculously expensive, I’ll buy one. It’s beautiful and pushes all the right emotional buttons. Beware of the vapor vehicle. Tesla is one of the few that actually have delivered, albeit with painful delays.

Should we call it a Rivian-killer? LOL

That’s hilarious!

You all need to study up on trucks before reporting on trucks. 35,000 GCWR is the Gross Combined Weight Rating meaning the weight of the truck and trailer. Given how much an electric truck with 500 mile range might weigh, it can only tow probably half that.

You should read their web page – it clearly states towing limts for different configurations, 35,000 included

As F150 Brian mentions, this “reveal” is less the reveal of a single truck, but an entire series of vehicles.

The equivalent of RAM, or the F-Series, so multiple different trucks with different customers and capabilities, something for everyone, from the urban cowboy to the heavy hauler that needs a duly to tow their gooseneck cattle/hay trailer.

They’ve even thrown the first electric Raptor “competitor”, with the long travel option.

This is a fairy tale.

GM-Ford Etc have waited too long. This will be their demise. This will hit them at their most portable core.

No it wont

Lots of good ideas and options for owning…..maybe too much.

Good looking truck design. Very traditional and tough looking with some more contemporary and future design cues like the lights.

If they can build it, it should do well.

Had to drive a relatives giant diesel Pickup over the holidays. Unless you actually need a truck to tow something or for work, I don’t get why the average commuter would buy one. It was loud, and difficult to maneuver and park. It had lots of power and could accelerate ok, but coming from an EV, I missed the low CG, and the instant torque, and quiet experience.

The “typical commuter” doesn’t buy large diesel trucks for commuting. I don’t see this at all on the roads. Some, like me, need a truck and need to commute. It is far, far cheaper (and greener) to buy one vehicle for both duties. Why is this so hard to understand?

I see large trucks with single occupants all the time during my daily commutes and parked at the lot.

Agree. Unless I’m in a very rural area, the vast majority of pick-ups I see are empty.

proppo covered that…

Just because there’s only one occupant on the daily commute doesn’t mean they don’t use the truck as a truck on the weekends.

The alternative is for one person to own two vehicles, leaving one sat around and only used at the weekend.

Look at a suburban shopping mall parking lot here in Texas where nearly half the slots are filled with pickups. Look at a photo of the same place 50 years ago, all cars. Why do so many more people need trucks now?

More functional than Rivian, and better looking than both Rivian and Bollinger. This is an attractive offering if it ever happens.


HELLO PEOPLE!!! This is a vapor ware article! It’s clear as day…. 1) this article is rehash of an article published here in October 2018 Without Rivian’s recent intro Of their new bev truck coming next year, we wouldn’t see this atlias fluff at all right now. 2) not even a video of a atlias prototype doing some of these aspirational tasks or even just sitting their looking pretty…all we have is cgi so far 3) Atlias tells us that this vehicle is still in the design phase with their own gray box quote in the “performance. amplified” section….”we are designing a vehicle capable of”. Meaning that all those performance numbers are goals someone typed up with no actual evidence if its gonna happen or can happen in the near future for atlias. 4) No battery sizes given, no specs on the electric motors, nothing concrete on all this BS to try n win over investors or the lay ev public…let alone even ball park pricing. They don’t even have their act together yet enough to take gullible folk money for fake deposits. 5) fellow previous posters Dante n windbourne id other weak or false atlias attributes SHAME ON… Read more »

Atlis needs the very early publicity because of how they are trying to raise funds. They seem to be relying primarily on crowd funding instead of large private investors. It is hard to get the general public to risk money on them without showing some nice computer generated images of what might be produced eventually.

By contrast Rivian has large private investors that have contributed hundreds of millions, so they were able to stay stealthy until they had actual working prototypes built.

Liberals. They took back the Constitution, the full 2nd amendment and now badass pickup trucks. Russia, if youre listening, help us paidriots once again!

If “paidriots” was on purpose, it was very clever.

I want one.

I thought their concept looked “ok”, but this…daaaaamn! It looks amazing! I want it now!

Atlis hired a good CGI artist. That doesn’t prove they can design or build a real truck.

No pictures of the 8′ bed configuration? That is what it takes to be a true pickup rather than an SUV. I’m glad Atlis is making them but it would have been nice to see it. I have yet to see a full size OEM EV pickup anywhere, one that isn’t a joke at the lumberyard.

“One for each well”. Ahem,

The first full size electric pickup to sell in numbers will be a Tesla. Then, all of the sudden, American truck makers will wake up and see the writing on the wall.

No, Rivian will beat then by at least a year

Build it and they will buy.



I’m sure it’s heavy enough to have a complete tax write off for business too so there you go Farm and Construction guys, and city guys, your truck has arrived tax free too.