Video: At a Mile High, The Fast Lane Car Pits 2013 Tesla Model S Against Audi S8


At altitude, gas vehicles suffer.  Electrics do not.

Model S Versus Audi S8 at 1 Mile Above Sea Level

Model S Versus Audi S8 at 1 Mile Above Sea Level

To test this well-known fact, The Fast Lane Car pitted two competitive vehicles against each other to see which one would take the crown at a mile above sea level.

The race is a 0 to 60 mph dash.

The vehicles are the 2013 Tesla Model S Performance and the 2013 Audi S8.

Here are a few additional details provided by The Fast Lane Car:

“The 2013 Tesla Model S is a game changer in the world of cars. Not only is it completely electric but it can go up to 300 Miles on a complete charge. The 2013 Tesla Model is also luxurious, elegant, stylish and expensive. The 2013 Audi S8 is all of those things and more. It is more luxurious, more powerful and perhaps even faster. We decided to find out in another fun and informative mile high 0-60 MPH Mashup review. The Audi has more HP and torque but at a mile above sea level the equation tends to level out as the Tesla Model S is not effected by the lower air density. So which one is faster to 60 MPH. Watch the video and find out.”

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Spoiler alert (j/k)

Keep in mind the Audi cost $20k more.

Actually, the lower air density should help the Tesla because there should be less air resistance.

Actually, it would help the Audi which has a slightly higher drag coefficient (Cd=0.28). The Model S is 0.24

A 1/3 of a second difference ain’t much. I’ll take the Tesla. 🙂

Yes but you can’t get half your gas back in the tank when going down the mountain in the Audi.

And you won’t be able to drive into a gas station and fill up for free.
Tesla Supercharger stations rock!


Does not look like he tested the high performance version of the Tesla model S. Not a fair comparison.

The battery was half empty. An EV does better when fully charged. He didn’t know that

Another ICE believer trying to defend ancient technology. Meaningless test under poor conditions. Ho him…

Was it a P85 or a P85+?
Was the HVAC on?
What was the battery SOC (looks about 66%)?
Was it in Sports mode?
Tire pressure?
It had the third row seats on, why?

When talking about a tenth of a second test one needs to me a bit more exact.

Since the Model S has been tested over and over in the low 4 second region (0-60mph), certainly I’m suspicious. But, they are both REALLY quick!!

Have any other 0 – 60 tests of the Model S been at altitude? I agree that there is no obvious physical reason why the 0 – 60 should be slower, but maybe more investigation is required.

Any 1/4 mile times done in CO?