Video: AOL 2013 Technology of the Year Presentation – Tesla Supercharger


A month ago, Tesla’s Supercharger network took home AOL Auto’s 2013 Technology of the Year Award.

Tech of the Year Goes to Tesla

Tech of the Year Goes to Tesla

Now, there’s finally video of the presentation, which took place at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevadae.

“AOL Autos Editor-in-Chief Sharon Carty made the presentation at CES to Alexis Georgeson of Tesla in honor of the Tesla Supercharger, a free fast-charging solution for Model S owners.”

It’s a rather lengthy presentation, so Supercharger fans will certainly want to tune for the 11-minute discussion on the tech that what deemed worthy of the award for 2103.

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Nicely done, pleasant video, and a well deserved award.

Yeah, I gotta say, the supercharger network is really a clever system. I’ve posted about this elsewhere but I initially thought it was a really REALLY stupid idea to snub the standards and come up with their own charging system. However, I was wrong. By using adapters so they can use the public infrastructure and then providing the supercharger network as an addition to (not alternative of) the public charging network, they really created a clever system.

What kind of outfit doesn’t have the budget for a wireless mike…
Just bugs me 🙂
Very well done otherwise.