Video: After Driving BMW i3, How Does Driving the Tesla Model S Stack Up?


A few days ago, we presented video of an EV newbie taking his first go in an electric vehicle.

Model S Test Drive One Day After Driving the BMW i3

Model S Test Drive One Day After Driving the BMW i3

The vehicle, a BMW i3, impressed the newbie quite a bit, so much so that he compared it to the Mini Cooper S, a vehicle with go kart-like handling and enough punch to easily push you back in your seat.

Now, the EV newbie (if we can still call him that) is driving the Tesla Model S.

With back-to-back test drives taking place, the comparison between the i3 and the Model S is surely going to be made.

If the EV newbie was impressed by the i3, then we’ll say he was blown away by the Model S.

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9 Comments on "Video: After Driving BMW i3, How Does Driving the Tesla Model S Stack Up?"

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At least this segment is really NOT that interesting, informative or impressive. This conversation is quite stilted, and now I know (not really) a great deal more about where the “weight is located” in the Model S vs the M5.

Pretty much a waste of ALL of our time and internet bandwidth, IMHO.

When watching this video, I feel like I could have been doing something better. That’s what I feel like. 🙂

Thanks, George. I kept thinking why am I watching this? It’s useless. I guess I wasn’t alone. 🙂

Who knew that comparisons between 5-7 seat luxury touring cars and 4 seat inner city runabouts would be so popular?

For sure. Usually I cross shop a Nissan Micra with a S Class Mercedes-Benz. Don’t you?

So…the weight on the M5 is higher…got it.

It goes w/o saying to many of us, but bears reminding to new shoppers of purpose build EV, to which in this case I would include the Volt, as its battery also lowers CG and serves to place weight between the front/rear axles more than regular cars, or for that matter trunk mounted battery PHEVs.

Thank you fellow commenters for allowing me not to waste time watching that video. 😉

No, not worth watching, but I got a kick out of it – the driver was coming from an F10 M5 (Not heavier Chris, Lighter weight, higher ‘HP’) and was trying in his second or third language to convey that the model S was quicker in all rolling-start performance (particularly 50mph), and that it -might- handle better on a track because of the low CG. Again, the driver is an ICE fanatic, coming from an F10 BMW (arguably the best car BMW has offered, performance/balance-wise) and the vid was more fun in combination with the review of an i3, which didn’t suck nearly as badly as he expected after an driving the (uber) M5.
Are there any car guys here?