Video: 90 Minutes of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel Q&A in Norway


This video, recorded live by Bjorn Nyland on February 2, 2014, captures the Tesla Motors townhall meeting in Oslo, Norway in its entirety.

90 Minutes of Q&A

90 Minutes of Q&A

There’s 90 minutes of Q&A with both CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel fielding questions, which range from expected to nit-picky to why the heck would you ask a question such as that.

The audio is rather quiet, so crank up the volume, grab a cup of jo, sit back and relax…You’ll be here for awhile.


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6 Comments on "Video: 90 Minutes of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel Q&A in Norway"

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A little summary of videos would be nice… I dont like to watch 90 min especially not knowing if there are interesting or concerning topic for me.

Oh I get it lets try and create the worst environment in which to produce one of these town-hall meetings. Lets have an austere marked up stage, clunky looking uncomfortable chairs, audience microphones that stay on all the time, even when on one in the audience is asking
a question, and let those questions be long and rambling too boot.
Well at least in this video you can hear the questions asked by the audience.

Overall I give it a C+.
Visually an F
Audio B+
The audience gets a B for being well behaved and pleasant, in what must have been a fairly boring time. The people with babies, coughing, and walking in front of the camera, pulled down the curve.
No back drop, nothing to look at: (a model S on stage would have been nice).
I think Musk’s overall kinda aw shucks way of presenting himself, while endearing, is getting a bit old. He needs to be more like Mulally or the GM guy, and less halting/nervous. I mean how many of these has he done? In his defense I suppose he is just being himself.

I don’t need to hear the life story of each person before they ask a question.

Since when do people to get to ask 4 questions, and each question subdivided into 2 parts?

I agree about Elon’s stuttering responses. I think I’d rather hear JB respond to questions. He’s more concise and to the point (like an engineer).

Is it just me, or do people from Norway (and the last town hall in Belgium), sound angry when they speak English?

At least this townhall was a bit more formal compared to the Belgium one, where people were hooping & hollering like they were at a Tony Robbins seminar.

Fully agree…and for the first time ever I am not going to make any reference to where I get all my local knowledge on Norway…