Video: 9 to 5 Mac Selects Tesla Model S App as iPhone App of the Year


We’re not a mobile app site…obviously.

And we lay no claim to knowing what’s the iPhone app of the year, but when 9 to 5 Mac selected the Tesla Model S app for this honor, it immediately caught our attention.

As a non Model S owner, I’ll readily admit to never using this app.  So, rather than trying to babble on explaining why the Model S app is worthy of the iPhone app of the year honor, I’ll turn it over to the experts at 9 to 5 Mac:

“There have been a lot of important apps released for iOS (and Mac) this year. As you can imagine, we’ve covered many of the big ones. But for me, nothing has been a bigger game changer than Tesla’s Model S App. I’m sure many folks will pooh-pooh the idea that an app that is for 30,000 or so households should even get mainstream coverage. But bear with me here. The company has revolutionized the ways in which cars interact with smartphones and these advancements will trickle into more car/apps over the coming years.”

For more on why the Model S app was selected as iPhone app of the year by 9 to 5 Mac, check out the video below, which highlights the apps functionality and its breakthroughs:

Additional Tesla Model S app video posted below:

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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That puts the app for my Volt to shame…GM better get with it!

Oh yeah, but any Volt owner already knows (and I’m one of them) that the OnStar app blows. If it could possibly be any slower, we could use its refresh rate half life to measure the fall of empires.

Wow. Quite nice. It’s soooo Silicon Valley!

HYN all! 🙂

Happy New Year to you too!

I use to let my wife and friends know where I’m at and let them follow me for a “glympse” [duration] of time (ie. 30 min, 1 hr, etc). Great for meet ups or coming home after some event or whatever.

The Ford one isn’t so bad. Locate the car, start/stop charging, lock/unlock, send a destination to the navigation, and the one I use the most, time to full charge and battery SoC.