Video: 36th Annual Stanford ENCORE Award Goes to Tesla Motors; Elon Musk Speaks For 45 Minutes


For 36 years now, the Stanford Graduate School of Business has handed out its Entrepreneurial Company of the Year (ENCORE) award.

This year, the recipient was Tesla Motors.

Hand Gestures Are Not Optional

Hand Gestures Are Not Optional

“At the 36th annual ENCORE Award event on October 2, 2013, Stanford Graduate School of Business honored Tesla Motor CEO and Product Architect, Elon Musk.”

The featured speaker was Elon Musk and boy was he featured.  Musk talks openly for 45 minutes.

The video notes, complete with time details, are posted below:

Chairman of the ENCORE Selection Committee Geoff Yang (MBA ’85) describes why Tesla Motors was selected: 04:20

Fireside Chat with Steve Jurvetson (MBA ’95) and Elon Musk: 07:55

Elon Musk discusses 3 areas he thought would have a positive impact on the future: Sustainable energy, Internet and making life multi-planetary 09:00

Elon Musk: “I didn’t get into any of this with the expectation of success.” 10:46

Why Elon Musk decided to study at Stanford in 1995 11:23

Choosing to focus on the Internet versus electric vehicle technology 11:45

What's This Gesture Mean?

What’s This Gesture Mean?

Humble beginnings: When Elon Musk started his first Internet company 13:35

Elon Musk on being the CEO of two companies at the same time 16:41

Driving innovation in tough, highly-regulated industries 19:33

The role of luck in electric vehicle design to build the best car 23:15

When did you first know all vehicles would be electric? 25:40

“I used to talk to dates about electric cars.” 26:37

Tesla Motors on being a purpose-driven, not profit-driven business 29:16

“We have to generate enough cash flow to fund future developments.” 31:12

Look at That Hand Gesture

Look at That Hand Gesture

Elon Musk about SpaceX and Mars 31:40

On Tesla Motors model line-up and trademarks 39:00

Elon Musk on electric supersonic VTOL aircrafts 40:49

Is Tesla Motors going to expand worldwide, including China? 42:53

How does Elon Musk balance profits with purpose? 46:05

Elon Musk on making a car for the masses 51:08

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Elon, you need to wake up to the fact that UFOs are real and our world is a lie. Has been far longer than you have lived.

Our world is a lie; that much is true.
Humans are liars with low character, always trying to escape accountability.

UFOs on the other hand…

As much as I believe that with the billons of stars in a galaxy and the billions of galaxies, that it is very unlikely that we are the only life, or the only somewhat intelligent life, it is equally unlikely that any would have found us in our little corner, and then visit so unnoticed.

No civilization on earth has ever gone to another without being noticed by the general public.

It is unlikely that any civilization that could find a tiny world like ours and could cross the vastness of emptiness to reach us would:
– be capturable by anyone with our level of technology
– be interested in anything we have without just taking it
– require secrecy from us for their agenda

Ergo: no…

Lies are the crumbly cornerstones of society. Without them things will fall apart quickly or so the powers that be assume and they are probably right. “You can’t handle the truth”…..In fact there are so many of them that people that haven’t gone into mushroom mode (keep them in the dark and feed them sh!t…)get confused about what’s true and what’s a lie. Hence the believe in UFOs.

I think the most interesting fact is the Tesla Motors model line-up:
Model S
Model E
Model X
Model Y

Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice that.

too sexy for my car…
too sexy for my car…
too sexy by far!