Video From 24-Hour Electric Car Fast Charging Challenge

APR 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge

24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge

24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge at the 36LYN Refuel Station in Minneapolis is already behind us and now we can see photos and videos from the event.

There are a lot of cars out there that can be charged using CHAdeMO, Combo or with CHAdeMO-adapter for Tesla.

Enthusiasts didn’t give in to the rain nor the wind.

The remaining question is how many cars were fast-charged and whether or not a Guinness World Record was set? We don’t know just yet, but we’re waiting for the answer on the web, Facebook or Twitter.

“After months of planning, the 36LYN Refuel Station in Minneapolis, MN unleashed its 24-hour electric car recharging challenge on April 12th and 13th. Featuring local food vendors, electric bicycle demos, and lots and lots of electricity, the event highlighted the station’s new and revolutionary Fast Charging Station while aiming to set a Guinness World Record for number of electric vehicles charged in a 24-hour period. Produced by Lindsey Nelson.”

24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge

24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge

“What do you get when you combine green technology, hot grub delivered on the hour courtesy of Galactic Pizza, vendors offering hot sauces galore and fresh kombucha, and exceptionally talented, hyper-caffeinated 36LYN employees? The 36LYN Refuel Station’s 24-hour electric vehicle charging challenge, that’s what. Produced by Lindsey Nelson.”

Relatively speaking, there are a lot of fast chargers in Minnesota already (and 4,000 EVs):

Fast chargers in Minnesota

Fast chargers in Minnesota

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85 cars were charged in 24 hours, short of the 100 car goal but a great turnout in a city not known for EVs.

440kWh was dispensed which was a little lower than was targeted but attributed to some vehicles arriving with a higher state of charge than ideal for DC fast charging.

This event was a blast and had phenomenal EV owner and spectator turnout… at a gas station nonetheless!

That is pretty great! I’m originally from Minnesota and when I visit, I don’t tend to see many plug-in cars besides the Volt (which has no fast-charge port), so I’m impressed that you got that many cars to participate.

The Twin Cities has had a surge of 20 DC fast charger installations in the past few months and may be one of the best infrastructures outside of the main EV cities.

Well done!

Awesome event..could Fox say “range anxiety” a few more times? I honestly think they are given negative words to highlight and sneak in.

Here’s to getting their broadcast licenses revoked this year!

Well, there’s the possibility that local news-heads (or national news-heads, for that matter) can’t keep up with all new tech, and fall back on tropes and stereotypes to fill air time. The position of science correspondent is basically gone at the national level, which means at the local level it’s a joke.

Occasionally, you see a news-head with at least some EV exposure. I figure they read up on it due to their own personal interest.

Only a closed minded liberal would find issue with her report. I found nothing negative with her reporting.

Range anxiety is a real thing with cars like the Leaf so reporting that fast charging may reduce or eliminate it does not make Evil Fox News the bad guy.

Someone I know from our local EV group likes to say this about his Leaf:

“The older my car gets, the longer its range gets.”

“Er, whut?” is usually the response, because that’s not how batteries work, right? They get old and…

“Infrastructure,” he explains “is getting built out more and more, allowing me to take the car farther and farther.”

If ChaDeMo chargers were even half as common as gas stations, nobody would even be using the term “range anxiety”.