Video: 2014 Chevy Spark EV vs 2013 Camaro

AUG 16 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

If you will use this motor your Camaro also let you experience EV grin

– If you will use this motor your Camaro will allow you to experience the EV grin

The video is shaky.   The quality is questionable.  But it’s funday Friday and this one might make you chuckle.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not a 2014 Chevy Spark EV can smoke a 2013 Camaro off the line, then this video provides the answer.

Wrongly titled 2014 Spark Ev vs 2013 Camero drag race (yes, Camero should be Camaro, but that typo comes straight from the video uploader), this brief video shows us a Spark EV pitted against a Camaro in a stoplight dash.

We’re not sure of the MPH hit in this race, but it’s immediately obvious which vehicle gets the jump of the line.

Oh, and that Spark EV driver, as well as the videographer, both get to experience the EV Grin.

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I finally saw a Spark EV up close at the dealership the other day. I didn’t get to drive it, but I was shocked at how small this car is. The pictures are deceiving, it’s barely larger than a golf cart. It was immediately apparent to me why the Spark has a larger range than the Leaf, yet a smaller battery.

It is longer and taller than the Fiat 500. It is a compact car but probably a typical car for Europe. In the USA, we’ve adopted this inefficient idea of thinking we need a massive 4000 pound hulk of steel to get around. It is costing us a fortune in oil.

Very true. Even my little i-MiEV feels tiny next to the Expeditions and Suburbans around here.

Indeed. In Europe this size car has the biggest market share by quite a lead.

The shape is what makes it deceiving. The roofline is 61 inches (taller than most larger cars on the road). I am six feet tall and weigh 210 pounds, yet I sat both in front and in the rear seat of a Chevy Spark and had no problems getting in and out. It has just five inches less of read shoulder room than the Leaf and sits two, but the Leaf announces that its rear sits three. Must be only for midgets and small children!

I think GM was very smart to allow the torque in this little econobox EV to shine through and not be completely neutered by a controller trying to maximize range. Most of the time, the drivers will drive normally and use economy modes to save electricity and maximize range . . . but every now & then, it is fun to let that full torque at 0 RPM electric power loose.

It allows the EV drivers to show others that “No, this is NOT ‘just a golf cart’.”

That would be a good salesman line at the dealership. “….Also, It’s quicker than a Camaro off the line.”

“Quicker off the line” isn’t saying much. I’m quicker off the line in my sneakers than a Camaro (for about the first 2 feet). I think 0-10, 0-20, and 0-30 times are more telling.

Camaro SS 0-30mph = 1.8 sec
Spark EV 0-30mph = 3.2 sec

I wish i had the other numbers. Still doesn’t mean the Spark won’t throw your head back.

Yes, but can you carry a 210 pound driver on your back and still be quicker?

Here is some data for 0-60 times:

Spark EV comes in at 7,8 sec. Faster than 10 of the Camaros on the list. Although to be fair those are older Camaros.

I also wonder if the camaro driver in the video was actually racing …