Video: 2014 Chevy Spark EV Available in Virginia…Or Not


“Introducing the new 2014 Chevrolet Sparks EV It is an all-electric car that is quiet inside & out, and aggressively stylish. This is pure electric fun! Features include remote keyless entry, speed control, and a low tire pressure warning. This electric car is packed with safety features too, including traction control, multiple airbags, and an emergency communication system. Plus you get automatic climate control! You will feel a lot better about your commute in this all-electric Spark EV. See it today! Why not select the new 2014 Chevrolet Sparks EV as your new vehicle today at Hall Chevrolet Western Branch. Conveniently located near Suffolk and Norfolk Virginia Beach VA 23321. Nearby cities include: Virginia Beach Suffolk Norfolk Hampton Elizabeth City Poquoson Virginia.”

We must admit that upon reading that description and watching the video, we we’re initially geeked.

Could it be that the 2014 Spark EV is ready to to be offered nationwide?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

Sales of the Spark EV are still restricted to the privileged left coasters, with nobody on the right coast even reporting to have caught a glimpse of one yet.

Why this video and advertising the Spark EV as being available at a Chevrolet dealership in Virginia?  We’d put the blame on the misinformed dealership who doesn’t seem to know what’s going on at Chevrolet.

No Electric Spark Listed Here

No Electric Spark Listed Here at Hall Chevrolet…So Why the Video?

Source: Hall Chevrolet via YouTube

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They probably contracted with a company to make videos for all Chevy models, regardless of availability.


“with nobody on the right coast even reporting to have caught a glimpse of one yet.”

I saw one driving around Michigan a month or so ago. Didn’t have manufacturer’s or dealer’s plates. I’m guessing they had one shipped here from CA. My friend is also looking at getting one shipped to Michigan.


Yeah. Since 2009 I have seen a friend’s Leaf, a Volt and a Tesla S on the road in Virginia. The local Smart Fortwo dealer site, I check weekly, still says “coming soon!”

People who live in major metropolises don’t understand that for most of us EV’s are still like unicorns.

scott moore

What metropolis? Here you stand a good chance of hitting one if you throw a stick at the freeway…


Here’s the website. They have a couple Volts and some ICE Sparks.


Oh, and the Volt’s are way overpriced.

Ocean Railroader

I did remember seeing this add in that I’m in Virginia the only away though to prove if this is true or not would be for someone to go to the car dealership and ask if it’s true or not. In that strangely they did mention it was gas free.

George Bower

Whether it is for real or not this is a great add.
So let’s see about the Spark:

It’s just a compliance car that accidentally has:

a more advanced, more compact yet lower price transmission than the Volt

a more advanced lower cost battery pack than the Volt

A much quicker 0-60 time than the Volt

much better adds than the Volt.


Apples and pears, George!

And imagine if 3 years after the release of the Volt the Spark EV turned out to be a comparatively worse car!

1. You’d expect a car released a few years after another cars release to improve on something, wouldn’t your? 2. Assuming the Spark EV stays a compliance car, it would not be the first compliance car to be a hell of a value. The Fit EV lease would be good even w/out the unlimited miles and free collision insurance. News flash — cars can sell for below and above msrp. I know someone who acquired a 500e. Any guess how they jumped to the top of the bogus waiting list? I test drove the Spark EV and its a lot of fun. For quick errands and short commutes I think the car is great. For spending longer amounts of time in it, it feels more like a small cheap car compared to the Volt’s ride felt more upscale. It was not quite as smooth of a ride and as comfortable for me at least — that’s just my subjective opinion of course. I unloaded the items from the trunk of my car in the Volt’s hatch without problem, but was unable to in the Spark. The range limitation was a consideration for my wife’s needs as well. I’d like a… Read more »